Our corporate pilates sessions improve employees posture, flexibility, and core strength. The outcomes? Reduced musculoskeletal pain, decreased stress levels and increased job satisfaction.


Boost Workplace Wellness With Our Top Pilates Coaches

Looking for top-notch Pilates coaches to guide your company's wellness journey? Our team of 60+ highly-regarded coaches, instructors, advisors, and mentors are here to help.

Our wellness consultants will recommend coaches based on your companies unique needs and the instructor's specific Pilates specialties.

In person, Online or Studio

Large variety of coaches to choose

Any day of the week
1hr or 30min sessions

Depending on the coach, necessarry equipment is provided

Pilates with Catherine

In person, Online & Studio

Catherine's aim is to help others gain strength, flexibility and a better sense of well being.

Pilates with Marzia

In person, Online & Studio

Creating a connection in the body and mind through breathing, correct alignment and precision to develop self-awareness.

Pilates with Hannah

In person, Online & Studio

Hannah knows how to modify and progress her clients and classes. Seeing their ability to go further with her is what she love the most.

Pilates with Sarah

In person, Online & Studio

Sarah offers 1:1 classes aimed at helping you achieve your aims in a safe and durable manner.

Pilates with Philipa

In person, Online & Studio

Focusing on technique, correct postural alignment and muscle engagement so you progress safely and in line with your own goals.

Pilates with Christine

In person, Online & Studio

Christine is a dancer and Pilates instructor specialising in mat and reformer.

Corporate Feedback

Sarah is so friendly and puts you at ease immediately. I found the session really relaxing, though definitely worked muscles that hadn't been used in a while.
- Charlene

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