HIIT & Personal Training

Our corporate HIIT workouts and personal training improve the physical fitness, energy levels, and overall health of your employees. The outcomes? Greater productivity, motivation and increased job performance.

HIIT & Personal Training

Boost Workplace Wellness With Our Top Personal Trainers

Looking for effective group HIIT exercises led by expert personal trainers? Our team of 100+ highly-regarded coaches, instructors, advisors, and mentors are here to help guide your company's wellness journey.

Our wellness consultants will recommend coaches based on your companies unique needs and the personal trainer's specific specialties. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and optimise your overall wellness.

In person & Online

Large variety of coaches to choose

Any day of the week
1hr or 30min sessions

Depending on the coach, necessarry equipment is provided

HIIT with Szilard

In person, Online & Studio

With Szilard, clients reach new heights with their physical performance, become super confident and improve their longevity.

HIIT with Timi

In person, Online & Park

Timi will teach you not only about exercise but fitness lifestyle as a whole, so you will stay motivated and independent.

HIIT with Nathan


Aspires to make exercise fun and acessible to everyone, with each session leaving you feeling empowered and motivated to progress.

HIIT with Zof

In person, Online & Studio

Zof loves helping women find their confidence through effective weight training and helping them shift their mindset not only in the gym but also in their daily life.

HIIT with Emily

In person, Online & Studio

Emily's method involves understanding where you'd like to be, but also having a clear picture of exactly where you're at right now and what particular barriers you're facing.

HIIT with Rana

In person, Online & Studio

Rana uses Optimum Performance Training which focuses on 3 main phases: stabilization, strength and power.

Corporate Feedback

Over the last six months, I can honestly say it's been worth every penny. The sessions are clearly very well planned and suitably tailored to my goals. The sessions do a great job atkeeping me motivated. I highly recommend.
- Doyin

Really enjoyed my sessions so far. Very well organised sessions and all round great service. Would definitely recommend.
- Sam

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