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Table Tennis with Farhaan

"If you think you can, you can!"


I am a Level 1 Table Tennis Coach, and love helping people to get better at Table Tennis.
I enjoy what I do because I am really passionate about Table Tennis.
I am a motivating and inspiring Table Tennis Coach and know how to help others out in improving their Table Tennis game and reach new heights in your game, focusing on constant improvement and tailored coaching for each student.
I have played in the Paralympic Table Tennis tournament for the GB squad. Do you want improve your Table Tennis game? If so, I can help.

  • Fully DBS checked
  • Insurance covered with all of my clients

UKCC Level 1

The Session

The clients will learn to play Table Tennis. I will coach 1 to 1 and group sessions. I also will teach the techniques of Table Tennis . The sessions will be for boys, girls, male and female. I also cater for people with disability boys, girls, male and female.

  • Frenford Clubs, The Jack Carter Centre, The Drive, Ilford IG1 3PS​
Table Tennis with Farhaan

5.0 (16 reviews)



My Son thoroughly enjoyed his first training/coaching session. Thank you Farhaan for your patience as you were being very supportive and it has motivated my Son on improving his table tennis techniques. My Son is looking forward for his next training session.

28 March 2022


The session with Farhaan is good as I learnt a lot like be more consistent and I can see the improvement. Farhaan is very friendly and patient. Thank you very much.

18 September 2022


It is a good and fun session. Thank you very much.

06 November 2022


Thanks Farhaan for helping with consistency and the session is fun.

18 October 2022


Thank you Farhaan for the fun session as always. My son learnt new skills and consistency while having fun at the same time.

03 December 2022


Patient approachable teacher, kids enjoyed our session and look forward to more.

18 October 2022


Learnt a lot of table tennis skills with Farhaan, thank you very much.

30 October 2022


Amazing guy. Very kind very funny. Very good coach. For all levels!!!!

07 November 2022


Enjoyable session and Farhaan is friendly and helpful. Thank you.

22 September 2022


Farhaan is friendly and helpful.

16 October 2022


Having played for a few years but without proper training, I opted for coaching because I wanted to fill gaps in my skill set. So far, the sessions have been pretty good! We started with the basics, and I've found the personalized feedback from Farhaan to be quite helpful for improving things like my forehand/backhand drive and coordination. It's still early, but the sessions have been quite helpful and they seem promising so far. Looking forward to upcoming lessons!

26 November 2023


Fun session and learn something every time! Thank you Farhaan!

02 October 2022


Farhan is a very hardworking and friendly coach. He is focused and perseveres to give the best experience to his student. He helps and challenges the students, corrects the short comings and encourages the child to perform to the best of their ability. My child enjoys his sessions. Thank you

25 February 2022


Amazing coach and an amazing person. He kindly teaches you and lets you know where your strengths and weaknesses are as a player and guides you to become a better player. Love the coaching.

04 November 2022


Have played with Farhaan numerous times and still to this day a very underrated coach who is undoubtedly becoming one of this generations talented emerging coaches for Table tennis. Your in safe and talented hands, don't think twice when hiring with Farhaan!

06 June 2022


Highly recommend if you want to improve your table tennis game. Farhaan really knows his stuff and coaches in a friendly and approachable way.

13 June 2022

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5.0 (16 reviews)
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