Snowboarding with Meka

Online & London, UK / Willing to travel

1 to 1 2 to 2

Hourly rate:  £50 per hour

Languages:  English, Spanish, German


£50 p/h

Hi and thank you for coming to find out who I am..:
My full name is Mr Chukwuemeka Ejindu, most people call me Meka.

You know.... What I have learned about myself over the 10 years I have been teaching skiing & snowboarding is the amount of joy it gives me as an activity but more importantly, the indescribable feeling I get when I watch my client "get it", to watch a client surpass even their wildest expectations of themselves!
I have been working for 9 years in the Tirol region of Austria & one year (season) in Sierra Nevada (Spain) as a dual Snowsports coach and in that time I discovered that I am teaching a lot more than just physical movements on Snowsports equipment, I am guiding people how to tap into the best version of themselves, their courage, their strength, their skill they may not know they already have, This is why I wake up in the morning!

I want to share this experience with You, towards the real life experience/feeling of Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding you are searching for & maybe helping You see You and all amazing things You are capable of, something You didn't realise You are searching for.
I believe, if You want to get ready for the mountain, learn what the mountain really demands and learn yourself, so You know You can deliver what the mountain demands! This is exactly where I come in.
I have a natural highly energetic motivating character and I love teaching with it ensuring fun & safety and the feeling of achievement are highest on the list of priorities for my clients. I am always hungry for more knowledge and diverse experiences in this Sport. From that I have realised the deeply therapeutic benefits for my clients, young & old, in their daily lives as well as the unique experience as a teacher/guide of opening up people’s minds to possibilities within themselves they haven't dreamt of yet.

In the end, it doesn’t matter to me on what equipment or level skier/snowboarder I am coaching and I have no problem teaching 6 year olds to seniors, groups or individuals (private), a days teaching always leaves me feeling fulfilled & hungry for more.

Service level & the client, You, are what I am all about! With my long and varied Alps trained experience coupled with my never-ending drive to motivate & patience & troubleshooting skill-set to see the real issues holding you back, I will be able to bring You a very high level of client-focused service & heart felt dedication to creating change to Your Alpine experience by enhancing Your self-knowledge & confidence, technical knowledge & riding skill set, tuning You into and ready for the big mountain.

My training process is built from time crafted trouble-shooting/analytical skills, cutting to the root of my client’s issues with their riding and then creating solid permanent (memorable) solutions to address all my client may have been facing with their riding. From physical/material to psychological, from technique to self-belief, my goal is to guide you, the client to your solutions, to your style and your feeling to your joy at being able to you want to do when you strap or clip in to "shred the Gnar!!"

I look forward to showing you what I learned and thank you so much for taking time to understand me.

Austrian (Tiroler) Level 2 Snowboard Teacher Certification.
Austrian (Tiroler) Level 1 Back-Country Avalanche Safety & Guiding Certification.
Austrian (Tiroler) Level 1 Ski Teacher Certification
Austrian (Tiroler) Freestyle/Slopestype Training Course: Beginner - Advanced

Minimum Age

6 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 2 people

Equipment provided

Client must come with their own or hired equipment from a Snowboard equipment rental centre at the venue we train at.


Not specified

About the session

Client focused snowboard coaching from Beginner to Advanced. Freestyle/Slopestyle training & Avalanche Safety modules are also available on request. The recommended course starts with a preliminary 2 hour session dedicated to diagnosing all issues relating to performance of equipment and clients relationship with the equipment and technical riding ability of You, the client. This is based on 10 years experience using a troubleshooting based analysis skill-set with You, assessing and identifying all physical to psychological attributes/issues You may have that influence your riding both good & bad. We then together, if You continue to train with me, will create a bespoke training program targeted to increase Your learning curve potential through enhanced equipment knowledge set-up & training, combatting fear/confidence issues or emotional based blocks affecting physical performance and focusing on rapid & permanent technical riding skills advancement, always aiming You towards the future goals of Your riding abilities of which we all have & will have the better we get, through easily memorable exercise and training regimes You can take to the big mountain and learn to believe in the skills You have been taught.

Online & London, UK / Willing to travel








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"We are the jailors to our own special jail, the captains of our own special voyage & the Courage for it all is not in the absense of fear, it is in the acceptance of it and DOING the journey anyway, because You Know You Can!"

Hourly rate: £50 per hour

Languages: English, Spanish, German

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