Pilates with Monia


Medical Specialists, Mat, Reformer

1st session free
2 to 10

Hourly rate:  £20 per hour

Languages:  Italian, English


£20 p/h

I am a passionate teacher of various disciplines, I love travel, art and sport.
My work allows me to convey well-being and self-awareness to others and this is very energizing for me.
I have over 20 years of experience as an athlete and trainer and this allows me to customize training according to the needs of the other, their goals and their problems.

Gymnastic teacher, posture teacher, pilates matwork teacher, gyrotonik teacher, pilates full equipment (reformer, Trapeze, Barrel,chair) teacher, rowing teacher, Zumba teacher, aerobic&step teacher, dive guide

Minimum Age

14 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 2 and 10 people

Equipment provided

Mat, pilates ring optionally


Not specified

About the session

Pilates and gymnastics lessons, personalized according to each one's needs. Discover your body and your strenght! Find d your balance!









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"Breathe and connect mind and body !"

Hourly rate: £20 per hour

Languages: Italian, English

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