Shane Sheppard

Shane Sheppard

London, UK

I love training clients, with a wide spectrum from advanced levels of fitness to beginners with no experience.

I mostly enjoy making a difference to people's everyday lives: for instance I have several elderly clients who I have worked with to achieve greater strength and mobility. Some have told me stories which they claim our training has helped them in their every day life.
I regularly incorporate new routines into my own training which I fuse into my own clients programmes.
Whether you want to lose weight or muscle bulk, or simply just wish to improve your body's mobility so you don't feel achey in certain areas due to muscle imbalances and tightness. Let me help you build a stronger, fitter and healthier version of you!

Mobile: 07592 566734

Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma,
Joint Mobility,
Corrective exercises.

Enjoy practising Krav Maga, Muay Thai and Yoga


8 hours

"Small steps lead to greater success"

Training Plans
Weight Lifting
Weight Loss

Personal Training with Shane Sheppard

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  £80 per hour

    Offers discounts

Online & FITNESS STUDIOS PROVIDED: Moorgate + Clapham Common + Fulham Broadway + London Bridge + Clients Homes/Workplaces
    Willing to travel

Minimum Age

18 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 1 people

Equipment provided

I operate within several venues across different locations:- 1) DUO CHELSEA {Fulham Broadway} = Boasts state of the art training equipment: squat racks, barbells, battle ropes, a large assortment of dumbbells to name just a few items. 2) LA ACTIVE LIFE {Clapham Common} = Fully equipped air-conditioned gym consisting of cardio & resistance machines, and weight sections. 3) THE BRIDGE {London Bridge} = Large studio space with wide access to barbells, dumbbells, punchbag, training mats and much more! 4) CITY FIT HUB {Moorgate} = A fully equipped spacious studio providing a large array of training equipment: Dumbbells, squat racks, bench press, and so much more! MOBILE PT SERVICE: Client Workplace / Home Workout - TRX straps, Resistance Bands, Weighted Sand Disc


Dependent on clients preference / location: *DUO CHELSEA (Fulham Broadway) - Equipped with top-of-the-line training equipment, with plenty of free and open space *LA ACTIVE LIFE (Clapham Common) - Fully equipped air-conditioned gym with a warm community vibe. *THE BRIDGE STUDIO (London Bridge) - Large fitness studio space kitted out with a variety of training equipment *CITY FIT HUB (Moorgate) - A well ventilated gym with fantastic lighting, equipped with the latest, most state of the art training equipment .............. MOBILE PT SERVICE: Will travel to the client most convenient for them

Clients will achieve their goals with fun and intense workouts. Whether it's losing Weight, building Muscle Mass / Toning, or rejuvenate your muscles and joints to feel loose and natural, let me help you on your fitness journey.

Looking to do Personal Training with Shane regularly?
After selecting the first session date & time, you can add a session pack in the checkout.

Available session packs:

20% off for 10 credits pack
10% off for 5 credits pack

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How people rate Shane

Shane was fantastic - great motivator and made the exercises fun and enjoyable! We did joint classes as a couple and at no point did it feel like we were being held back based on personal capabilities. Would highly recommend Shane

I've been training with Shane for over 6 months, he takes time to understand your fitness goals and tailors the exercise appropriately. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to start working out with a PT.

I really enjoyed my journey with Shane who has been amazing and I achieved the goals I wanted to! Thank you so much for all the help, advice and support

I enjoy my sessions with Shane, who is very professional and always making sure I am in the right state of mind.

I’ve been training with Shane twice a week for the last 6 months and it’s been transformational. It’s the only way I’ve been able to get into a habit of doing regular exercise. Shane is a fantastic personal trainer who really cares about my goals and adapts the workouts to my particular needs. I highly recommend giving him a try!!

I suffer with chronic back issues and Shane prepared a personalised programme that gave me back my confidence and helped improve my fitness. Would highly recommend Shane.

Over the last six months, I’ve been training with Shane and can honestly say it’s been worth every penny. The sessions are clearly very well planned and suitably tailored to my goals. Shane is attentive and does a great job at keeping me motivated. I highly recommend training with him.

I have been training with Shane for the past few months. He always has a plan specifically tailored for my needs. He is kind whilst pushing me and I really enjoy the sessions with him. I feel so much stronger and joy upon joy my son commented the other day that I have lost my "chicken wing" arms, HURRAH! I would recommend Shane to anyone.

Amazing PT service. Have been training with Shane for the past few months and didn't expect to feel so much fitter in such a short space of time. He did a great job of keeping me motivated and pushing me out of my comfort zone (never thought I'd be doing deadlifts)! Feel like I've developed a much better relationship with exercise now so thanks Shane!

Shane has been great throughout my time with him. All the sessions have been tailored to what I have been looking to achieve - alongside this Shane has always been a friendly and encouraging PT to get me through it! I would recommend anyone interested in getting fit to use Shane who I couldn't speak more highly of!

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed every session with Shane. Each class is well planned, challenging and always fun! We would highly recommend to anyone thinking about starting PT sessions in South London

From May - December 2021 I was trained by Shane at Damo's PT studio. I lost almost 10 kilos and managed to gain back much of the fitness I lost due to covid. Shane is a true pro and knows his stuff. I avoided injury and had fun. I could not have asked for a better first PT experience and would highly recommend. Good value as well

My wife and I have had a great time training with Shane who is very friendly and knowledgeable. The sessions are challenging and varied, and despite them being couples sessions he manages to tailor the sessions to our individual needs as much as possible. We initially signed up to get in shape for our wedding, but enjoyed the sessions so much we continued on after!

Shane is amazing PT! His sessions are hard work with lots of different exercises in each session to keep things interesting. He really helped to motivate me to move more to kickstart my fitness. I would highly recommend him!

Shane played a blinder today in adapting the workouts for our Skype session - as I am currently abroad on a work trip. I couldn't go outside because the internet is sketchy, I couldn't attach the TRX to anything yet, and the weights I have here aren't as heavy as the ones at home. But we still managed to smash out arms, shoulders and chest in a tiny space using a chair, steps, a ledge and adjusting the weight lifts to make them more difficult. I've trained with Shane now in 5 different environments with varying levels of equipment, and none of the sessions have suffered. The man's a machine.

Really enjoyed my sessions so far. Very well organised sessions and all round great service. Would definitely recommend

I’d highly recommend Shane. I’ve been training for just three months now and I’ve already experienced positive changes to my fitness level and outlook on exercise. I appreciate Shane’s professionalism and dedication during each session. I look forward to each of my sessions.

I trained with Shane twice a week for over a year. Initially I just wanted to get back into shape after the winter lockdown but stayed for much longer as I enjoyed getting fit. Shane is not only friendly, he is organised and tailored each session to make sure that all muscles worked on a regular basis. I strongly recommend Shane to anyone who wants to train with a PT in order to start a regular exercise routine.

I've always been the sporty and fit type but multiple Covid 'lockdowns' messed with my body and mind. Shane helped me get back on track and wow! The results! The other day I was asked twice by random strangers if I was a professional athlete 😮! OK, yes, I am feeling a bit smug about this! I've been training with Shane for 7 months at the completely fantastic 'Damo's Personal Training'. I do one weekly session with Shane, one with another super amazing PT (Damo himself). In addition, I supplement the PT sessions with my own varied workouts and healthy eating. Shane makes a huge effort to make every session different and pushes me in all the right ways whilst always putting safety first. He is kind, patient, courteous and and all round lovely guy. The sessions pass in a flash (time flies when you're having fun!) and we always have a good giggle. Shane comes 100% highly recommended from me.

As one of Shane's "elderly clients" !! I can highly recommend him. I had never done any training of any sort except yoga and I needed to get stronger and fitter. With Shane's wonderful guidance and care I have learnt a huge amount and benefitted from the obvious improvements. Less flab, feeling great and looking fit I hope! Thank you.

Shane is a wonderful PT. He motivates you to push harder and do so much more than you ever would if you were training on your own. His sessions are well-prepared and I was never bored. My strength and stamina have increased hugely since training with him. You will not regret training with Shane as you will feel the physical and mental benefits almost immediately.

Shane has been an amazing PT for me! He makes you work hard and pushes you to achieve all your goals, even when there are days you think you can’t mentally reach them! He has been a pleasure to work with! He made all my sessions fun and definitely work hard! He mixed up my sessions making with a variety of different exercises each session! I finally feel confident and exercising weekly has definitely been a lifestyle change for me! Thank you Shane!!

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