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Hourly rate:  £90 per hour

Languages:  English


£90 p/h

Registered with the Association of Nutrition (AFN), I obtain a first-class bachelor (BSc) degree in Nutrition with Food Consumer Science and Postgraduate degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition (SENr)

I offer Private 1-1 consultations where I work with the clients to achieve their goals, mainly surrounding Sports Performance. Working with athletes of all levels from beginners to elite, I have extensive experience with CrossFit Athletes, Endurance Athletes, Triathletes, Footballers and Rock Climbers.

BSc Nutrition and Food Consumer Science (AfN)
PG Sports and Exercise Nutrition (SENr)

Minimum Age

16 years old and upwards

Session size

Between 1 and 2 people

Equipment provided

Not specified


Not specified

About the session

Whether your goal is to enhance sports performance, improve body composition, increase energy levels or just looking to generally improve your nutrition, through I can help you achieve your goals in a healthy, balanced way. Through 1-1 consultations, I translate the latest, evidence-based research into practical guidance. Giving you the tools, knowledge and accountability to maximise your nutrition to help you train, play and perform at your best. Initial consultations are required for all new clients an include a full diet and lifestyle assessment. Personalised plans are developed in collaboration with clients. Review consultations provide continued support, education and counselling is provided to help individuals achieve their nutrition, performance and health goals.









I started working with Faye soon after I signed up to my first Ironman to understand more about how to fuel correctly for my training. With an endurance challenge such as an Ironman, nutrition is so key to get right so I was very keen to learn from Faye. We had monthly check ins which worked really well as I was able to go away and ‘test and learn’ everything we had spoken about; from how to maximise recovery though nutrition, to targeted grams of carbs per house during training sessions, we covered it all! The hard work paid off and I was able to qualify for the world champs, which honestly wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t practiced my nutrition and nailed it on the day!!

Faye was brilliant in helping me work towards my nutrition goals. She is so approachable and knowledgeable and I plan to continue to access her support for the foreseeable! Thanks Faye

Faye was unbelievable helpful and knowledgeable whilst supporting me through a challenge I was working towards Thanks Faye

I can’t thank Faye enough for all her help. I’ve had 7 consistent regular periods in a row since her advice, my digestion is a million times better, my sleep is the best it has been for years, I have been building my training back up more each month and hitting PB’s that I haven’t ever been able to reach before! I can’t recommend Faye highly enough for any sports nutrition advice you may need. She really is the best!

I absolutely loved working with Faye. I looked forward to each session with her and felt comfortable talking through the intricacies of my health with her. I’ll be going back for more sessions as soon as possible!

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Hourly rate: £90 per hour

Languages: English

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