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Unleash your golf prowess with Chris Moss Golf, the dynamic golf coaching sensation taking Greater London and the scenic Surrey Hills by storm! As a master golf coach, I've fine-tuned my skills over an impressive 18,000 hours, delivering consistent results using a steady, reliable framework that ensures client success.

Embarking on a journey with me means entering an exciting world of constant growth and exhilaration, both on the green and in life. Your progression is my passion, and together, we'll work harmoniously to achieve your goals, lower your scores, and unlock your ultimate potential. I thrive on identifying your unique strengths, weaving a tailored, engaging learning experience that matches your needs to a tee. Each swing, each success, each shared moment of triumph is a testament to my dedication to helping clients elevate their golf game. I don't just coach - I revel in the journey!

Drawing from a reservoir of professional playing experience, two decades of devoted study, and my hands-on tour coaching background, I'm committed to enhancing my pupils' outcomes. Trustworthy scientific data from Trackman, the indispensable device employed by the world's finest players, further amplifies the potency of my approach.

Imagine teeing off at the historic Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, energized by newfound skills and confidence under the guidance of Chris Moss Golf. It's time to seize your golfing destiny, enjoy amazing results, and have a phenomenal time along the way. Are you ready to swing into action?

  • Fully DBS checked
  • Insurance covered with all of my clients

Pga qualified

The Session

Golf Widow to Winner accelerated ladies learning. One hour, tailored individual, group learning class with our head professional and Master of Instruction Chris Moss PLUS one hour practice time with your golfing companion / buddy to use the following week in your free time Monday to Sunday 7.00am-7.00pm From Watching to Winning: The Golf Widow to Winner Learning Program! Let's abbreviate it GW2W! We are looking for participants to join our accelerated golf learning classes. Do you know a friend (aka Your New Golfing buddy) who would like to give golf a go? For £45 you will receive 2 hours of golf kick ass golf learning inside at TeeGo Battersea. The most cost-effective and accelerated learning program classes designed to eliminate all obstacles from your path to golfing excellence. This Program is your ticket to show the golfing world what you’ve got to offer. ⛳ * Our Objectives: - Introduce 12 new female golfers to golf in the next two months and 20-30 in the next 6 months. - Assist 15 new golfers in achieving their official handicap within their first year, empowering them to compete and excel in a sport for all. - Ensure our New Golfers have a detailed learning pathway to guide them throughout their learning journey, ensuring they fall in love with this game for a lifetime. *Our Path to your Success: Join our learning program where competent and proficient golf becomes reality. Here's what makes this program stand out: *Accelerated Learning: Led by Chris Moss, a golf coaching expert with unparalleled experience, you'll receive two hours of comprehensive learning in a quick and easy-to-implement fashion. Chris will unveil the secrets to learning the game faster, it doesn't take years to learn! Twenty hours is what it takes to look good / become competent and proficient (and then a lifetime to master!). *Unbeatable Pricing: For just £45 yourself and your golfing buddy will receive a one hour group lesson and one additional hour to practise at your convenience, no long-term commitment; just book the weeks you can attend. *Practice Freedom: After your tuition you have complete freedom to book your one-hour practice session with your golfing buddy. Your practice hours are available from Monday to Sunday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. *New Skills to learn each week: The program covers the four required skills required to play golf. From Driving to Putting we have it covered, simply book the classes that suit you. *Practice Plans: Know what to practise; each week, receive tailored practice plans detailing what and how to optimising your learning and enjoyment. *Limited Spots: To ensure individual attention, each group lesson is limited to four golfers. *Group lessons will be on Wednesday's and Thursday's 10.00-11.00 Friday’s evening at 5.00pm. **TeeGo Beginner's Golf Learning Program: Tee Off to Success!** Are you ready to embark on a golfing journey like no other? TeeGo proudly presents its comprehensive Beginner's Golf Learning Program, meticulously designed to make your golfing experience enjoyable, accessible, and filled with growth and achievement.

  • Studio 14 TeeGo, Cloisters Business CentreBattersea Park Road, London, United Kingdom
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