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Functional Wellness with Emma

"It is what it is, I can't change what has happened, I can 100% change how i deal with it. "


I am 47 a wife & mum of 2 boys 18 & 14. Currently I am a healthcare assistant within the NHS and I have a passion for health & wellness. Coaching many of my patients/clients towards a healthier, happier lifestyle.
I really enjoy what I do as just doing the smallest change can have a massive compond effect for their future lives. I find is very rewarding.

Many of my patients have been so grateful and have noticed a massive positive impact on their day to day lives, they tell me I am very good at what I do as I go above and beyond to help the client/patient in achieve their goals.

I actively listen to the patients/clients, as they have noticed and made comments that they have been able to off load information they haven't been able for a long time. They feel that they have been listened to and understood for their holistic needs.

Having been on a wellness jouney myself for the passed 7 years. I have been through anxiety, depression, burnout etc. I have personal experiance to know how this feels.

  • Insurance covered with all of my clients

ECB Level 2 Cricket Coach, Accredited Health & Wellbeing Coach, NVQ level 3 Health & Social Care

The Session

A free 30 minute discovery call we be available to see if this is for you. Before the session a questionnaire will be sent out with a 7 day diary sheet. To be completed before the 1st session. A holistic wellness session we will examine the clients physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Helping the client find balance across each of these areas to improve wellbeing lowering stress and help to reduce trauma responses. Over the course of 6 sessions

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Functional Wellness with Emma



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