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I am Caniston Gunaratnam, a professional and youth international cricketer. I love cricket because of all the values and discipline it has brought into my life and cricket is a unique sport which puts an individual through so many challenges and brings the best out of you at any moment. As a cricket coach, I believe I will bring passion and enthusiasm to the sport and to the people who are willing to play. As I am still playing the sport, I will have the player's perspective and will be able to understand the difficulties and challenges a player has to face and will help them through it. Cricket is a sport and sports are supposed to be fun at the end of the day, so I will make sure that the players have fun while learning the skills and techniques of the sport.

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Sri Lankan National Colors for Cricket, Under 19 Youth Cricketer, Member of the Cardiff UCCE Squad

The Session

The clients will be having one to one or group training sessions. I will be coaching them basics, techniques, advanced knowledge of cricket and will help them get better each day in the sport.

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