Frequently Asked Questions

SPORTSESSION.COM is a sports coach bookings platform conceived with the goal of improving workplace, health, culture, productivity and retention.

We offer 1000s of coaches across 50+ different sports and activities to encourage overall physical and mental wellness for your employees.

Our aim is to encourage a happier, more productive workplace by providing your employees with the key to unlock sports and wellness activities seamlessly on our platform.

We tailor packages specific to a business's requirements and we have two main solutions.

Unlimited sessions – we can provide unlimited sessions for your employees for only £100 per employee per month.

Coach concierge – We create a session schedule with you and engage your team in regular team sessions.

Find out more from one of our wellness consultants by booking a call here.

Absolutely! We offer a wide selection of wellness, nutrition, and sport coaching, so there is something for everyone. Get in touch with your brief and we will be delighted to chat you through your options.

We are happy to offer all activities both in person and virtually. Many clients ask us for hybrid sessions. We are also happy to provide services for your colleagues overseas, as our virtual sessions enable us to reach colleagues across time zones and on all continents, to foster truly global connections.

Yes! We offer both in person and online activities! Online is perfect for working from home.

We would be excited to talk to you about how we could form a stimulating part of your annual conference, summer party, Christmas event etc.! Please get in touch to discuss your brief.

Every corporate coach carries full insurance and qualifications.

If you are booking through the platform individually, please note - SPORTSESSION is an independent platform that facilitates the connection of sports coaches and clients by enabling coaches to create profiles. We vet, research and remove coaches and clients on a best endeavors basis when a breach of our policies has occurred. We are not liable for any issues that occur while using connections facilitated through our platform.

Employees can cancel/reschedule up to 24 hours before any coaching session at no charge.

If staff need to cancel later than that, you will be charged for the visit (unless another employee can take the slot).

Some of our clients choose to pass on the cost of missed appointments to staff. We'll work with you to design a policy that suits your organisation and budget.

Yes we do! We have a flexible payment system tailored to your convenience.

Ask us anything. We're here to partner you on your journey. Please just drop us an email on [email protected] and we will answer any queries you may have.