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Your First Swing: Golf Tutorial for Beginners

25 Apr 2022

You’ve decided to start playing golf and can’t wait! Find out what you need to start out right. Read our golf tutorial for beginners.

Finding the perfect swing is one of the most elusive skills for a golf player. Yet, that didn’t stop 5.3 million new players from getting involved last year. 

You don’t have to work alone on perfecting your game. With the right personal trainer, your first uncertain ball kicks can result in a new passion for golf.

Find out how to benefit from the pros and invest in lessons for greater enjoyment. Your first golf lesson begins here.

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How to Start Playing Golf

The game of golf is often referred to as a lifelong pursuit. Few people excel at golf, but many get years of enjoyment from learning the game. Golf is a combination of gaining control over one’s body and mind

It will become crucial to learn the rules of golf, but it’s better to know the basics when starting. Knowing what equipment you need first is essential to getting a decent start.

You won’t need to spend a lot on the most expensive equipment. Learn to use the clubs you have to improve your swing. As your game improves, there is always time for upgrading equipment.

If you have acquired a set of clubs, the essentials are there to get around any golf course. Each club has a different function, so you will need to learn between a golf chip and a fairway club.

The correct swing remains the same, no matter which club you swing. Placement of the golf ball between your feet will make a significant difference in your success. Other factors will determine how to get the best result and lift the ball into the air.


Learn the Clubs

Golf rules state you are allowed to carry fourteen clubs in your golf bag. Yet, good players can play an efficient round of golf with only a few clubs. Once you know what each club does, the better you will perform.

Golf irons range from 3-iron to 9-iron plus two wedges. Select the pitching wedge for the short golf chip around the green. The sand wedge has more loft to get your ball out of bunkers and traps. 

The other irons generally get used as a fairway club. You may also have a selection of fairway woods from two to seven. The general rule is the smaller the number on the club, the greater distance the ball should travel.

As you practice a consistent swing, note how far the ball travels with each club. Knowing the distance for every club will be handy when you get on a full-length course.

You will learn how to hit a golf chip and a bump and run with shorter clubs. One of the most challenging shots for the novice golfer is getting out of sand traps. Bunker play involves a new discipline in your golf swing.


Putting Techniques

Getting to the green might be the most challenging part for new golfers. Yet, learning to putt with accuracy is critical to improving your score. Distance control putting is an essential element in getting close to the hole.  

Another critical factor is the undulations and speed of the green. Every golf course is unique, so it takes practice to understand how fast a putt will travel on the greens. The speed of your putt will also affect the break or the bend of the ball toward the hole.  

The length of your backswing will determine the speed of the putt. Short putts only need a movement between the big toes of each foot. Longer putts need a backswing that goes a little beyond your putting stance.

Putting is a measure of feel for the putter swing and the speed of the green. Regular work on the course's practise green will help you develop the skills for efficient putting.


Invest In Lessons

All the disciplines of golf may seem daunting, but a motivating coach can make all the difference. During lessons with a professional golf coach, you will learn the most crucial elements of a golf course. However, you will also learn the critical factors to help you enjoy the game.

Golf professionals have spent years perfecting their swing and other elements of the game. However, with that much experience, a pro golfer can still make bad shots. So lighten up, everybody can make mistakes.

A personal trainer understands what type of swing is correct for your body type and mobility. The golf coach can teach you methods for consistent ball striking with any club. Then the pro will instruct you on the nuances of specific situations.

Golf lessons will give you a better understanding of course management. You will learn to select clubs that give you the best chance in a given scenario. Golf pros will also teach you to putt with confidence.

Before your first swing, you need to know the golf basics. However, you'd better learn the rules of golf before going out to play. Literature on golf etiquette is available online. Many golf clubs have dress codes and expectations for player behaviour. 


Plenty of golf sites provide instructions on swing adjustment and other techniques. Yet, when you invest in lessons, it would be best to heed the personal trainer until you feel more comfortable with the game. 

Learn the essential grip, aim, and swing techniques before getting too adventurous. Golf can get confusing with the many philosophies about the game. So when you choose a personal trainer you trust, stick with their game plan.

Golf Is a Journey

Many people get pleasure from a life of learning to become better golfers. Begin your golf journey with people who know the game best, and soon you will join their ranks. 

Join a club that offers access to all that golf offers and more. Your golf journey may take you to places you never dreamed of before. Register today for more benefits from professional coaching from Sport Session.

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