Your Complete Guide to Football

1 Feb 2022

Football is one of the most common sports played around the world. It is often referred to as soccer and combines skill, and speed. Read on to learn more.

FIFA estimates that there are roughly 265 million people in the world that play football!

And if you want to be one of them, it's important to know the basics of the game. Whether you're just starting or have been playing for years, we hope that this guide will help answer any questions you might have about football!

Ready to learn about the beautiful game and all of the football benefits? Let's dive right in.

What Is Football?

Football, also known as soccer, is a sport that combines speed and skill. It is often played on a field that is rectangular and has markings indicating the boundaries. The object of the game is to score more points than the opposing team by getting the ball into the opponent's goal.

It's one of the most common sports in the world, played in countries all over the globe. In the United States, it's often referred to as simply "soccer." But the rules are the same.

People have played football for centuries, and the rules of how to play football have evolved.

The sport was created in England by children who wanted to play a game similar to rugby, but didn't like using their hands. The first recorded football match was in 1823, and the sport continued to grow in popularity from there.


What Equipment Do I Need?

A football team will need balls, goal posts, nets, a referee, and enough jerseys for every player on their team. There are also various pieces of protective gear that most people wear while playing, such as helmets, mouth guards, pads, and cleats.

What Does a Football Field Look Like?

The playing area is 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide, with up to 100 feet of space between each sideline. The goal lines are the same length as the touchlines and are 3 1/3 yards wide.

Goal box: A large rectangle measuring 8 yards by 12 yards in front of each goal.

Penalty Box: A 36-foot line used for penalty kicks.

Misconduct Area: A semicircular area with a radius of 28.5 yards from the center of each goal. Players can receive yellow and red cards for misbehaviour on the field.

The Basics of Football

There are 11 players on each team, and the object of the game is to get the ball into the opposing team's goal.

A game has two 45-minute halves, with a 15-minute break in between. Players can only use their feet to control the ball and must pass it to another player if they want to keep it. The team that scores the most goals at the end of the game wins!


The Different Football Positions

Goalkeeper - The goalkeeper is the only player on the field who can touch the ball with their hands. Their job is to defend the goal and prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Centre Back - Also known as a defender, the centre back is responsible for stopping the other team from scoring. They typically play in the middle of the field and front of the goalkeeper.

Midfielder - The midfielder helps control the game by distributing the ball to other players. They can play on either side of the field.

Forward - The forward is responsible for scoring goals. They are also responsible for trying to stop ball possession from the other team's forward.

What Skills Do You Need to Play Football?

Football is a sport that requires a lot of skill.

You need to be able to run quickly, and you must also be able to kick the ball accurately. Additionally, you need to be able to tackle your opponents and keep control of the ball. If you're interested in playing football, it's important to practise these skills!

On offence, you'll need to learn how to manoeuvre the ball down the field so that your team can score. On defence, you'll want to practise tackling and intercepting passes.

You may also work on practising some penalty shots if the league you're playing in allows them. Remember that football requires a lot of physical strength! You should try to stay in shape if you want to play well.

As a Beginner, What’s the Best Way to Play Football?

If you're just starting, it's best to play on teams with friends.

This will allow you to practise playing football with other people who are starting as well! You may also want to join a local league or recreational team that is available for beginners. Remember, even if you are a beginner, playing football is a lot of fun!

The best age to start playing football is between the ages of 5 and 11. After this age, you'll need to start getting signed up on teams. If you're interested in learning more about how to play football as a beginner, check out some online resources or ask your coach for some tips!


What Levels Are Available in Football?

There are a few levels of football that you can participate in.

If you want to take the sport a bit more seriously, you can join your local high school or college team. Additionally, if you're good at football and want to compete at a higher level, there are professional leagues all over the world that you can join.

Some of the most popular leagues include:

It's important to note that not everyone can make it to the professional level. Only the best players in the world can compete at this level. However, if you're passionate about football and are willing to work hard, you may be able to make it to the professional level one day!

How Can a Coach Help Me?

If you're interested in becoming a better football player, consider hiring a coach.

Coaches can help you improve your skills and give you feedback on how to play the game better. They can also help you learn new techniques and strategies that will help you win games. In addition, coaches can provide support and motivation when you need it most.

If you're a beginner, it's a good idea to look for a local coach that is available in your area. If you want to find a good coach, search on Google or ask around!

You can also reach out to your school or city about hiring an available football coach.

Get Expert Football Training Today

Now you know the basics of the beautiful game. Football is a lot of fun, and you should give it a shot if you have the chance!

To give yourself the best chance of succeeding, make sure to practise regularly and stay in shape. Additionally, try to join a team with friends or colleagues, so you can learn from them as well. If you're interested in taking your football skills to the next level, consider hiring a coach.

When you're ready to get on the pitch, give our coaches a call!

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