Workout tips: Make the most of exercise in the rain

28 Sep 2021

"Do not let the rain stop your workout!"

Autumn is a great time to get active and keep your mood up. Just because it is raining does not mean you cannot enjoy your workout! Should you get exercise outdoors in bad weather? What to consider when training in the rain? Here are our tips to stay safe and have fun.


It is generally safe to exercise in the rain, so do not let it ruin your workout! You should be mentally prepared to get wet. When you change your mindset and embrace the challenge, you may actually burn more calories and feel so confident and accomplished once you finish your workout in the rain.


There is a saying in England, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Choosing the right clothes that fit your body and the exercise is essential for your comfort and safety. Pick lightweight and water-resistant materials to feel more comfortable. Avoid cotton as it absorbs water and make you feel cold and heavy. Wear light-coloured and reflective clothes to make yourself visible. Get proper waterproof running shoes and wicking socks with good traction. Do not forget to wear a cap to keep the rain off your face. Get changed immediately after working out.


When the skin rubs against the skin or fabric, chafing and blisters occur. Working out in the rain may increase your chance of getting uncomfortable chafing. Wear chafing cream to the areas where chafing is common to avoid the pain. Wear smart layers may help as well by having a quick-drying shirt as a base layer, and a water-resistant rain jacket as a shell layer.


Seal your electronics in a zip top bag, or put them in a waterproof pocket to keep them dry and prevent water damage. How about your earbuds? Just leave them at home, watch your step and focus on your workout in the rain instead!


You would not want to run on muddy, slippery trails or cycle on busy streets when it is raining. Reconsider your route choice and adjust your plan as necessary. For example, it might be a better option to run in low-traffic neighbourhoods, or at paths where the terrain is safer. During a thunderstorm, make sure you head indoors and stay away from open spaces. Safety comes first!

Rainy days might not be ideal for your outdoor workout, but there are always great indoor alternatives if it is pouring rain outside!

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