Why is it important to have a personal trainer?

24 Aug 2021

"You can always train on your own and build your workout schedule. So why do you need a personal trainer? Here are the top 7 benefits you want to know."

There are things that can stop you from getting a personal trainer, such as the cost, or you are just afraid to be pushed too hard. However, what you might not realise are the benefits only a personal trainer can bring!

A personal trainer helps you set your fitness goals

Exercising without a goal is like sailing the sea without a compass. If you go for a random run today and go swimming tomorrow just because you feel like doing so, you are probably not training effectively! Likewise, if you set unreachable goals, you might easily feel discouraged because of the slow progress. This is where a personal trainer comes in. A qualified fitness trainer can help you identify and achieve your goals with planning. Whether you are hoping to get in shape, or you simply want to strengthen your core muscles, he or she can always set a time frame for your realistic goals based on your abilities and expectations.

A personal trainer teaches you to do it correctly

When you try to work out on your own, it is possible that you are not doing an exercise properly, potentially leading to an injury. With in-depth knowledge of anatomy and muscle groups, a gym personal trainer can use their expertise to demonstrate the right posture and improve your form. Maintaining correct posture when performing exercises is extremely important, as you can maximise the results of your workout routine and reduce the risk of injury. In addition, even the smallest tweak of a training can change the muscle that is targeted. So having a fitness professional to guide you through your exercise journey can ensure that you work on the right muscle groups.

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A personal trainer customises your training to your needs

One of the best things about hiring a personal training coach is to get a tailor-made programme that fits your schedule, goals and interests. Comparing with group classes which tend to be more general and less challenging, working out with a gym trainer allows you to get customised training just for you. For example, if you are training for a specific competition, or you have an old injury, a personal trainer offers the flexibility to personalise the perfect plan for you with personal guidance.

A personal trainer keeps you motivated

Previously we talked about how to get rid of workout laziness, and how a coach or instructor can motivate you to stick to your training schedule consistently. That also applies to a personal trainer. Making an appointment with a personal trainer gives you more authority than your friends. They can hold you accountable and make sure you have made it a habit. What is more, you are definitely less likely to skip a session if you have paid for it!

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A personal trainer gives you expert advice

Training can be somehow confusing. How many sets are good for muscle growth? Should you do cardio or weight training first? An experienced fitness trainer educates you in all aspects of health and fitness, from exercises to diet and nutrition. You may be a beginner in your fitness journey who has just started learning how to use gym equipment and understanding the basic principles of training. A personal trainer is someone you can turn to for any fitness questions, or for some detailed and insightful tips to reach your workout goals.

A personal trainer offers you mental support

Not only can a personal trainer be your coach, but he or she is also a friend to support you through tough times. What you cannot get from YouTube learning is the mental support and the close connection with your trainer. They care about your well-being, and they are always there by your side to provide the encouragement and energy you need to start your routine.

A personal trainer inspires you

Have you ever found yourself in a training plateau? Don’t worry, it happens! When you get bored or feel like you have not seen results from a workout, personal trainers are able to help. They can bring variety and a new perspective to train your body, making the whole fitness routine fun again.

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