What Are the Necessary Skills to Get Started With Boxing?

31 Jan 2022

Are you looking to get into boxing? Boxing is a superb sport and form of exercise whether you want to train to compete or simply want to improve your fitness and strength. Boxing training can bring a multitude of other benefits to your life, including greater self-confidence and the ability to meet new people.

Boxing is a great form of exercise, but many people are daunted when getting started. There are a few skills that you will need and being aware of what these are should make it easier when you are starting. So, what are the key skills needed to get started with boxing?


Anyone that has watched boxing games before will notice how important footwork is. Legendary boxer Muhammed Ali was known for being incredibly light on his feet and often compared to a dancer. Boxing requires constant movement in different directions, so having good footwork is a vital skill that you need to develop.

Good footwork allows you to move around the ring with ease, evade your opponent and move them into a position that could give you the upper hand. If you feel that this is an area that you might struggle, there are many ways to improve your footwork. Losing weight, skipping (a very popular boxing training method) and even taking a dance class could make a big difference.


Similarly, balance is vital to success in boxing. Boxers need to have excellent balance so that they can have the right stance and position themselves so that they can throw accurate and powerful punches. Balance is equally as important defensively so that you can block, evade and stay upright (obviously, this is very important!).

Balance in boxing is all about stance. This will involve standing sideways to your target with the weak shoulder pointing to your opponent. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart with your feet pointed 45 degrees toward your target. This should provide even distribution of your body weight for a strong platform.

If you struggle with balance, you may be able to improve this by strengthening your core, yoga and balance exercises.


Throwing Punches

In boxing training, a lot of the early focus is on footwork and balance to give you a solid platform. From here, you will then start to learn about throwing punches. When you watch boxing games, you will notice that this is a real skill and not simply overwhelming your opponent with a barrage of punches (leaving you open and vulnerable, not to mention tired).

There are many different punches that you will learn and when you should use them with boxing training. There are four basic punches that provide the foundation for boxing that you are likely to be aware of even without putting on boxing gloves:

Jab: The weakest punch coming from your leading hand. This is an essential punch for moving your opponent, opening them up for a bigger punch, countering your opponent's punches and gaining momentum.

Cross: The cross (or straight) comes from your back, dominant hand and is another quick punch directed at your opponent's head originating from the chin. This is often used to set up a hook or to counter your opponent.

Hook: The hook is often the knock-out punch and one that can inflict the most damage. This is a semi-circular punch that comes from the side, which can catch your opponent off-guard.

Uppercut: A vertical punch that comes from underneath, which again can inflict a great deal of damage and catch your opponent off-guard. While this can be a powerful punch, it is also a risky one that can leave you exposed so it must be used at the right time.


Boxing aficionados will always bring up the importance of defence in boxing. Floyd Mayweather is the prime example of this as he is known for his defensive style that involves dodging, weaving and blocking his opponent before hitting them with devastating counter-attacks.

Defensive boxing techniques will be taught in your training. In addition to being key for boxing as a sport, this is also important in terms of safety, so it is an area that you need to pay close attention to and always keep in your mind while training.


Work Ethic

You are in for a surprise if you think that you will be ready for boxing games after one training session. Learning boxing takes a lot of hard work and commitment, which is work ethic is another key skill that you will need. Learning the right stance, how and when to throw the right punches and reading your opponent can all take a lot of hard work.

In addition to this, boxing is physically demanding, which is why it is such a great form of exercise. This can take its toll, but those that commit to regular training will reap the rewards. Regular training can increase your stamina and cardiovascular health, build your core strength, build muscle and burn fat. There are then many mental health and lifestyle benefits too.

Positive Attitude

Finally, you need to have a positive attitude when it comes to boxing training. Boxing is a sport for all and you can enjoy the benefits of training regardless of gender, age, fitness level or previous experience. The key is to come in with a positive attitude, to listen to your trainer and to commit to ongoing training and learning.

If you are just getting started, at Sport Session Sports Club we can help you to get paired with the right trainer. We are a digital sports club pairing experienced and friendly trainers with aspirational individuals looking to learn new sports.

Enjoy the Benefits of Boxing Training

These are the main skills and attributes that you need to get started with boxing training. Boxing training can improve your health and life in a handful of ways and you do not have to get in the ring with anyone to enjoy these benefits.

Book with one of our boxing coaches today to get started on your journey and to learn the ropes.

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