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Top 6 Cardio Exercises to Make Your Heart Strong

6 May 2022

Cardio exercises are proved to be good for your health. Want to train your heart? No problem! Our experts share six effective cardio training exercises you can do on your own.

Cardio training is intense and will likely result in a lot of sweat. However, it is also one of the best ways to lengthen your life and enhance your mood. 

Regular exercise can increase life expectancy by 11% in men and women. This translates to about 3 to 7 years on average. 

By adding moderate exercise to your daily routine, you can improve your overall well-being. Cardio exercise can help prevent disease and fight symptoms of depression. 

If you want to add more exercise to your life but do not feel like joining the gym, this piece is for you. Here are our Top 6 cardio exercises to do on your own.


What Is Cardio Training? 

Cardio training is also known as aerobic exercise, which focuses on bringing the heart rate up. This type of physical training brings intense calorie-burning while strengthening the heart muscle. 

Types of cardio exercises usually include jumps, marches in place, jogging, and sprinting. These exercises help build muscle and tone the body while burning excess fat.

People start these exercise routines for various reasons, including aesthetic and medical purposes. Cardio reportedly burns hundreds of calories per hour, even for less intensive exercises.

Aerobic activities are one of the best activities for improving heart health. Those struggling with diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues benefit when done safely. 

The U.K. NHS recommends 75-150 minutes of exercise every week. It would help to spread these exercises throughout the week rather than do them all at once. 

How to Do Your Cardio

One of the best parts of cardio training is you do not need to do it at the gym. It is easily integrated at home, in your backyard, or in the local park. 

You can enhance your cardio workouts by adding weights to increase the calorie burn. If you struggle with motivation, you can also consider hiring a coach to help you keep focused.

The main thing about cardio exercises is to keep your own pacing. Do not try to impress anyone or break a world record as you do your regimen. Otherwise, you'll just burn out in a few days. We recommend starting with low to moderate intensity and moving to intense as you progress. A personal trainer will certainly help you to create your exercise plan.


Low-Intensity Cardio 

Low-intensity cardio includes low-level exercises. You can do leg lifts, power walk in-place, and muscle toning. 

Try planks and push-ups if you're trying to tone your body to start intensifying your workout. You can also do minor squats and moderate jumping to help build strong thighs and calves. 

1) Leg Lifts and Power Walking

Leg lifts and power walking are excellent if you're just starting your cardio training. It's vital for your health that you start slowly and not overpower your heart.

Power walking is walking in place at a moderately fast pace. You should feel some burning in your calves and start breathing somewhat heavily. These are both excellent signs that you are doing everything right, so don't be discouraged. 

Leg lifts are somewhat similar but require you to lift your legs higher off the ground. The goal is to pull your knees at least as high as your chest and do it at a quick pace. This exercise will help build strong legs and tone your stomach muscles.

2) Kicks, Planks, and Other Toning Exercises

After perfecting your leg lifts, try stretching the leg out straight in front of you and holding it. After that switch to kicking your legs in more rapid successions. This is the best way to get your kick exercises going!

Planks involve laying your body out in a position similar to push-ups. However, rather than resting on the palms of your hands, rest on your shoulders. Try to hold your stomach in for at least ten seconds in this position. Give yourself a little short pause between each plank to achieve several every time. 

You can also add push-ups, jumping jacks, and low-intensity jumps. You will feel your heart rate rise as you do, which means you're increasing your heart strength.


Moderate Intensity Cardio Exercises 

Moderate intensity training is your next step. It's time to level up after you no longer feel challenged by your workout. If you notice that your heart rate is not getting as high anymore, it's stronger! Good for you, but let's not stop there. 

3) Jumping, Jumping, Jumping!

Aside from running and sprinting, jumping is one of the best ways to get your pulse up. You can start with jumping rope and simple jumps and squats to get accustomed to the rhythm. 

Once you feel good about your skill, move to a more intense version. We recommend stair or step climbing, toe-taps at a fast pace, and intense lunges. 

If you have a yoga block, then you can use this to gauge your toe-tap heigh. You can also position yourself half a foot from your wall and use this to do toe-taps. Be careful not to overwork your knees and pay attention to any sharp pains you feel.

4) Run or Walk up Stairs

If you have a staircase at home, then this one should seem pretty straightforward. Everyone huffs and puffs up their stairs, so you'll be turning this into a workout!

You can purchase a three-step exercise stair set if you don't have steps. Or, you can visit a nearby park or high school gym and try it here. 


Intense Level Cardio Workouts

Intense level cardio is for those who have been doing cardio consistently. Do not start at this level, or you could damage your heart. 

If you have a heart condition, you should work out with a group or trainer. These workouts can get your heart rate very high. You must have someone monitor your heart rate. 

5) Running and Sprinting 

Running and sprinting are both distinct from jogging. Jogging is a low to moderate-intensity workout that is only a little faster than powerwalking. 

Running and sprinting require a pace of between 5 to 7 miles per hour. Sprinting is even higher but is usually for shorter periods. Sprinting is a more advanced level and should be avoided if it is very hot. 

6) The Crawl and Burpees

Bear crawls, crab walks, and other intense arm crawls will get you panting in no time. You'll likely feel a burning sensation in your arms and legs and might sweat a lot!

Burpees involve doing a push-up, lifting your body up in a swift motion, and doing a squat and jump. This one is very hard, and you might struggle to reach ten at a time. But, it is worth it. 

Why You Should Do Cardio Training

Cardio training might seem like an uphill battle. Don't be discouraged, though, because this is the whole point. To keep you motivated hire a personal trainer. He will create a training program for you and ensure that you perform the exercises correctly.

Our expert coaches at Sport Session will help you have the confidence to achieve your goals. Choose your new coach here.

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