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Top 3 Sporting Activities To Make Your Employees More Productive

7 Dec 2022

Do you want to know about the top 3 sporting activities to make your employees more productive? Read on to learn more.

The greatest challenge for modern employers is to create a stimulating and engaging work environment, and what better way to get started than by providing sporting activities?

The benefits of increased fitness extend to both employees and employers, with advantages including better retention of information, higher productivity, a more collegiate culture and a healthier workforce.

If you want to learn about the best sporting articles to help increase employee productivity and to promote a more healthy office environment, just keep on reading!

1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the best for exercising, forming teams, and having fun with coworkers.

Basketball matches can be casual get-togethers that take place after work or more formal tournaments that last weeks or months. Some workplaces host mini-game tournaments during lunch to motivate staff. A coach can teach beginners the basics, as well as more experienced players’ games.

Additionally, coworkers can get together on the weekends to play lengthy games that allow people to get to know one another outside of the workplace.

Activities known as "ice breakers" are intended to get people to know one another and make them feel more at ease in a group setting. The best time to engage in these activities is when a group of people is just getting acquainted or starting to collaborate.

When used as a prop, a basketball can add humour, unpredictability, and movement to an ice-breaker activity. Each person who catches the ball can then tell the others something about themselves. Participants can toss the ball to one another.

Basketball can be modified to create a fun team-building activity. By using the entire team to keep the ball bouncing, you can improve cooperation and focus among team members.

The ball can be bounced between participants, or it can be kept in one place by having everyone hit the ball in turn while standing in a circle. To complete this task successfully, a lot of interpersonal cooperation gets required.

2. Football

Have a few soccer balls lying around?

Set up an obstacle course with stations on the field, divide players into groups, and have teams complete each station before reaching the finish line. Stations may require participants to juggle the football five times or dribble through cones. While competing against other teams to cross the finish line first, teams will need to encourage one another.

A coach would be great for setting up teams and devising the layout of the obstacle course.

You can also play the opposite of tag with a soccer ball. In order to avoid colliding with teammates, players dribble a soccer ball around a marked box while running. After a predetermined amount of time, shrink the grid until only two players remain, and they must be the last to move without bumping into anyone.

 Football coaching

3. Table Tennis

Table tennis is an excellent activity for the office. It is easy to set up and doesn’t take up too much space. Lots of offices have a designated table tennis room, where employees can socialise and let off steam away from the office environment.

A quick knockabout can break up an ordinary day of work. Table tennis tournaments are another great way for colleagues to mix together. A coach could invigilate these activities, encouraging less confident participants, while promoting a team spirit.


Table tennis inevitably becomes a key feature in the office, with staff forming meaningful and valuable relationships in this less formal setting. The overall atmosphere of an office will improve.



Increase Employee Productivity With These Sporting Activities

There's a connection between employee morale and output. Therefore, it makes sense to try to motivate staff with sporting activities and sport coaching during the day!

There are countless suggestions for fun games to play at work, whether it's for team building, team bonding, or just a little mental stimulation in between shifts. For more on sports and wellness, click the link!

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