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Top 10 Best Desk Yoga Positions

20 Dec 2022

Is your office a cult of productivity? If so, what are you left with when productivity drops? 

Recent UK survey data suggests that workplace productivity is on a steep decline. One-third of employees report a decrease in productivity, citing mental health struggles, a lack of work-life balance, low energy, and inhumane treatment from employers.

If your office is beginning to feel like a cult, it isn't too late to take action. Something as simple as new desk yoga positions can make all the difference.

Businesses across the UK have begun adding new life to the workplace by working with SportSession yoga coaches. Incorporating movement into the workday keeps employees healthy, engaged, and excited to come to work. You can build productivity and retain employees by adding a few minutes of yoga to the workday. 

We've created this guide to help you revolutionize professional life for your staff. Read on to learn the benefits of yoga, including ten dynamic desk yoga poses you can implement today. 

Productivity and Workplace Wellness

Physical activity is key to a long, happy life, but many employees work long hours and may not have the time or the resources to engage in fitness practices. Incorporating movement such as yoga into the workday shows that you prioritize employee health and happiness. You are not only creating a more positive office culture, but providing staff with the tools, they need to take care of their bodies and minds. 

Here are a few benefits of bringing a SportSession coach into your office as part of your workplace wellness initiative. 

Better Retention

Employees who don't feel valued are more likely to leave to pursue other positions. When you provide workday perks, such as yoga sessions, you demonstrate a holistic interest in your staff members and their well-being. By boosting joy and offering perks they can't find at other places of employment, your best employees will remain loyal to your company. 

Higher Productivity

Have you heard about the "quiet quitting" phenomenon? Employees who don't feel valued are doing the minimum at work, contributing to decreased productivity. Employees who feel healthy, happy, and empowered are more likely to go above and beyond. 

Healthy Workforce

Productivity tanks when your workforce is constantly forced to call out due to sickness. If employees come to work while ill, their work is of consistently lower quality. An overall healthier workforce will have fewer sick days and more productive days, and that begins by encouraging movement in the office.

Stronger Culture

Do your employees feel like they're part of something, or do they show up and go through the motions? When you actively demonstrate your values, you help build workplace culture. Yoga sessions with SportSession show you value health and wellness, create time for socialization, and help staff develop stronger bonds.


10 Best Desk Yoga Positions

If you're not convinced of the power of movement in the workplace, we challenge you to introduce your staff to simple chair yoga. Your employees can do these stretches right at their desks. We've included ten simple stretches that can boost mood, improve focus, and bolster productivity.

1. The Sit and Stand Pose

Encourage employees to sit on their chairs with their knees together at a 90-degree angle. Their feet should be touching the ground. Have them use their heels, legs, and glutes to bring themselves to a standing position.

Once there, encourage them to return to sitting, again using only the muscles in their legs. This simple stretch helps compensate for long days spent sitting in front of a desk. 

2. Wrist Stretching

Employees should begin by lifting their arms and pointing their fingers toward the ceiling. They should rotate their wrists ten times clockwise, then ten times counterclockwise.  

3. Finger Stretching

Encourage employees to hold their arms out in front of them. First, ask them to make a tight fist and then release it, spreading their fingers wide.

Then, have them use one hand to put pressure on their fingers, pushing their palm toward their core. Repeat on the other side. 

4. Chaturanga

Employees should stand and place their hands shoulder-width apart on the edge of their desk, then walk backwards until their body is on a diagonal. They can then bend their arms, dipping toward the lip of the desk, then pressing back up. Repeat about ten times. 

5. Upward Dog

As in the Chaturanga, begin standing with hands pushed against the desk. Employees should lean their hips toward the desk, widening their chest. Hold the pose for thirty seconds (or ten to twelve breath cycles). 

6. Sit and Twist

Employees should sit and place their arms on the arms of their desk chair, then gently turn their upper body to one side. Remain in that position for about five breaths, then shift to the other side. 

7. Shoulder Rolls

Encourage employees to sit upright, then draw one shoulder up toward their ear, around toward their back, and down. Repeat on the opposite side. Continue alternating, then finish by rolling both shoulders at once. 

8. Neck Stretching

Employees begin by sitting straight up as if someone is pulling them from above. They should slowly tilt their neck to one side without moving their shoulder. Slowly return to the centre, then repeat on the opposite side. 

9. Desk Cat-Cow

Have employees sit in their chairs with their feet flat on the floor and their hands on their knees. Inhale, arching the back and looking up toward the ceiling. On the exhale, they should round out their backbone and allow their head to drop to the front. 

10. Crescent Moon Pose

Ask employees to sit in their chairs, lift their arms over their heads, and touch their hands together, spreading their fingers apart. Lean to one side, taking two to five deep breaths. Repeat on the opposite side. 

Revolutionize Your Workplace With Yoga

Who knew something as simple as desk yoga positions could transform employee attitudes in the workplace? Movement is one key to a happy life, in and out of the office. Healthy, active employees are productive employees, which means everyone benefits. 

You don't need to be a yogi to introduce daily movement to your staff. SportSession provides businesses with coaches that can incorporate safe, office-friendly exercise throughout the work week. 

Browse our yoga coaches to partner with a coach who can transform employee attitudes and help you retain your most competent staff. 

Name your sporting or fitness goal - we'll help you smash it. Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxing and SO MUCH MORE. With an irresistible 30% OFF your first session!


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