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Tips for Building a Supportive Company Culture That Promotes Mental Health

19 Apr 2023

A good company culture takes care of its employees. Learn about building a culture that promotes mental health in this guide.

Currently, 15% of working-age adults live with some type of mental disorder. When these individuals don't have the proper support, it can affect their confidence, self-worth, productivity, and the quality of their work. 

A good company will take care of its employees, including providing the right resources and tools to help with mental health. It begins with fostering a positive company culture that makes your workers feel comfortable and supported. 

Not sure where to start? Begin with these steps to start promoting better well-being, including mental health. 

Help Employees Combat Stress

Right now, employees all over the world are experiencing record-high levels of stress. Negative emotions such as sadness, worry, and anger remain prevalent and continue to climb. 

Chronic stress can lead to health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and more. It can cause the muscles to tense up, creating aches and pains. Furthermore, stress can cause gastrointestinal issues, such as nausea, acid reflux, etc. 

The root cause of many health problems can be traced back to stress. When your employees feel physically sick, you expect higher levels of employee absenteeism. However, stress also has a significant impact on mental health. 

High levels of stress can cause someone to feel as if they've lost control of their life, and they may experience depression, anxiety, or burnout, which can all contribute to employee absenteeism as well. 

Thankfully, you can create a company culture that promotes good mental health. An excellent first step is to provide ways for your employees to combat stress. 

Physical activity has a remarkable impact on an individual's mental health. Any form of exercise is a great stress reliever as it boosts endorphins and other chemicals in the brain that improve mood. 

However, getting your employees involved in sporting activities has added benefits. For instance, they'll connect with co-workers, improve their teamwork, and have fun! It's also a good ice breaker, allowing co-workers to learn more about one another. 

When employees feel comfortable around their co-workers, it makes going to the office more enjoyable. 

Take Time to Listen

Often, individuals struggling with mental health conditions have difficulty opening up about what they're going through. Many people worry about stigmas and societal disapproval. As a result, they don't talk about what's bothering them. 

You have the power to change that. A positive company culture is one that promotes employee health, including mental health. You want your workers to understand that it's okay to seek help. 

Let your employees know that you're available to listen to them. Consider creating some sort of open-door policy. When the door is open, you have time to talk to anyone that wants to see you to bring up issues, ask questions, comment on the company culture, etc. 

You can create a supportive environment by letting everyone know they're valued at your company.

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Remain Flexible When Possible

The recent surge in remote work has completely changed the way companies see the workplace. Employees have proved that they can be just as productive from home as they are in the office. 

Of course, depending on your industry, it isn't always possible to let workers work from home all the time. However, it's worth considering some sort of hybrid work policy to make your workers happier and reduce workplace burnout. These days, many workers actively seek out hybrid work policies anyway. 

When employees struggle with their mental health, they may experience feelings of hopelessness, struggle to get out of bed, and have difficulty concentrating, among other problems. In short, sometimes they just need a mental health day. 

What does it mean when an employee asks for a mental health day? It's similar to asking for a sick day. Workers that experience burnout may ask for a day off when they feel their mental fuel tank is empty, for example. 

Workplace burnout is a real problem that your company needs to consider. After all, 55% of employees that suffer from burnout report lower job satisfaction. They also feel undervalued and have negative perceptions of their work-life balance. 

Offer Perks and Benefits

People will enjoy coming to work more if there are interesting perks and benefits to look forward to. As an employer, you have many opportunities to help your team stay physically active and achieve better mental health. 

Consider providing access to walking paths, fitness equipment, gyms, etc. Creating a quiet and comfortable outdoor space where employees can relax for a moment or take their lunch can also help to reduce stress levels. Simply being outside near nature helps to lower feelings of tension and anxiety. 

Focus on employee health and all that it entails. To foster a positive and supportive company culture, offer access to mental health services. Work with local organisations and other businesses to develop unique ways to promote total well-being. 

Another excellent way to motivate your staff is by offering team wellness activities. Promote the team and encourage employees to join. You can find out about our SPORTSESSION programmes here

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Create a Supportive Company Culture

An amazing company culture focuses on issues such as employee well-being. You want to show your workers that you care about them by creating a supportive environment for better mental health. It begins with listening, providing access to resources, and coming up with unique and fun perks and benefits. 

You'll notice a difference when you have happier employees. They'll be far more productive and loyal to your company. 

Are you looking for some ideas on how to create a supportive company culture? Consider choosing a tailored SPORTSESSION programme suited to your business including popular activities such as yoga, Pilates, HIIT and nutrition.

Book a call with one of our wellness consultants here to find out more.

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