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The ROI of Corporate Wellness: How Investing in Employee Health Yields Tangible Benefits

31 May 2023

Are you wondering if corporate wellness is really worth it? Read to find out how investing in employee health yields tangible benefits.

What Does "Employee Wellness" Mean?

You might hear this term thrown around a lot these days. But what does "employee wellness" actually mean? When we talk about employee wellness, we're talking about many different things. It could refer to anything from mental health services to financial wellness programmes.

But today, we will focus on the physical aspect of employee wellness. Specifically, we'll address wellness options and benefits through sports programmes. Offering sports leagues or fitness classes can help engage your employees on a whole new level. These improve their physical and mental health.

Plus, it allows your team to bond outside the normal workplace setting. Research suggests sports can improve overall mood and satisfaction levels and reduce risk for chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Health-Focused Wellness Options

Again, "wellness" often refers to physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Often, it can also include professional wellness. This is when businesses invest in training programmes for their employees or provide them access to mentors who can help them succeed in their field.

However, what does a physical health-focused wellness programme look like? You can cater the programmes to fit your and your employees' needs, but here are a few ideas.

Lunchtime Yoga Classes

Yoga is a popular form of exercise that can help reduce stress and improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Offering lunchtime yoga classes can encourage employees to take a break from their workday to stretch and relax. Studies show regular yoga can lower cortisol levels, reducing stress and anxiety. This leads to higher productivity and improved mood.

Find out more about SPORTSESSION yoga here

Office Fitness Challenges

These can motivate employees to get active and make healthy lifestyle changes. A step challenge, for example, can encourage employees to walk more. Or you can create health programmes centred around fun activities. Think kickboxing classes or golf events. Setting up a fitness tracker leaderboard in the office can create a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie.

As for the tangible benefits? Setting up a fitness challenge can help:

  • Improve physical and mental wellness
  • Reduce absenteeism and healthcare costs
  • Increase employee engagement and morale
  • You will, however, want to ensure you're offering proper training classes. Hiring a professional coach is the way to go (regardless of the sport or challenge).

Corporate fitness

The Benefits of Sports Wellness Programmes

Love the idea of yoga classes or gym training sessions but aren't quite sold on the benefits of investing in employee wellness? We know just how costly creating new workplace initiatives can be. So, we're here to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the benefits of investing in employee health through these sports-focused programmes.

Reduced Absenteeism - Research shows employees who regularly participate in sports wellness programmes are less likely to miss work due to health issues. A study found that companies with wellness programmes reduced absenteeism by up to 19%. This means that more employees will show up to work. And, that. could lead to increased productivity and better customer satisfaction.

Better Teamwork - Sports wellness programmes often involve team activities. This could include softball leagues, volleyball games, and yoga sessions. These activities can improve employee engagement and teamwork.

Over time, this leads to better job performance and job satisfaction. When employees are engaged and working well together, they're more likely to solve problems and work towards common goals.

Enhanced Morale - Employees participating in sports wellness programmes feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. The benefits of that? Improved morale and job satisfaction. Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their employer are likelier to stay with the company and be productive. This makes them a win-win all around!

Positive Company Culture - Sports wellness programmes can create a positive company culture where employees feel valued and supported. By investing in the health and well-being of your employees, you're sending a message that you care about them as individuals, not just as workers. This can lead to improved employee retention, better customer service, and a more positive reputation in the community.

How to Create Employee Health Initiatives

Sure, you could offer free gym memberships to your employees. However, that's boring and, honestly, not that effective.

When implementing a wellness programme at your company, you must first ask your employees what they want and need. After all, they're the ones who will be participating in the programme. So it only makes sense to give them a say in what it looks like.

Once you understand your employees' interests well, it's time to start looking for resources to support your vision. That's where SPORTSESSION comes in. With our platform, you can connect with top-notch coaches who can help you develop and implement the perfect wellness programme for your team.

And the best part? Our platform offers a variety of popular activities like yoga, Pilates, and HIIT, both in person and online. So no matter what kind of wellness programme you're looking to build, we have the tools and resources to make it a success.

Find the Right Wellness Programmes

By combining human coaching with technology, SPORTSESSION creates an unparalleled wellness experience. We make it simple to invest in employee health. And we take pride in helping you improve your team's health, culture, and productivity in ways you never thought possible.

So why wait? Sign up today and start your corporate wellness journey!

Name your sporting or fitness goal - we'll help you smash it. Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxing and SO MUCH MORE. With an irresistible 30% OFF your first session!


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