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The Commonwealth Games for Newbies

4 Apr 2022

If you are new to the Commonwealth Games, in our guide you will find just what you need to know about this grand sporting event.

Did you know that the Commonwealth Games occurred for the first time in 1930? This was back when these games were called the British Empire Games. Since then, the Commonwealth Games have been held in a variety of Commonwealth cities.

What are the Commonwealth Games and what do they stand for? In this Sport Session guide, we’ll review everything you need to know about this grand sporting event. Maybe, you will find an aspiration to pick up some new sporting activity?


What are the Commonwealth Games?

The Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event. Its participants are only the countries of the Commonwealth.

The Games take their roots from the British Empire Games, which were held between 1930 and 1950. Later as more and more colonies were gaining their independence, the sporting event between Great Britain and its former colonies received a name the Commonwealth Games in 1974.

Today the Games is a festival of sport, multiple cultures and friendship between countries. Because these games began as a way for British Empire members to play together, they now include independent and sovereign states that once were part of the British Empire. This makes these games international while bringing together people who have a shared history.

There are 54 members of the Commonwealth, who can take part in the games, sending not one but several teams. Great Britain, for example, can send teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This way a team can represent not a country but a separate nation. What other international sports event allows that?


What sports are played in the Commonwealth Games?

The program of the Commonwealth Games has changed over the years as more sports were introduced. The decision-makers each time are the Commonwealth Games Federation, also known as CGF, and the host city. While the CGF approves the sports allowed to occur in the Games, the host city forms a final list of sports.

As for 2022, there are 20 core sports presented in the Games including 16 traditional sports (swimming, athletics, road cycling, lawn bowls, table tennis, triathlon, freestyle wrestling, badminton, boxing, field hockey, judo, netball, rugby sevens, squash and weightlifting) and 4 parasports (swimming, athletics, lawn bowls and powerlifting).

The host city can also choose optional sports from a list that now includes diving, archery, basketball, mountain biking, cricket, table tennis (para), beach volleyball, clay target etc. As you can see, there are plenty of sports for sports lovers to observe.

The Values of the Commonwealth Games

The values of the Commonwealth Games are timeless and reflected in many ways. They use the games to make the world a better place. It is not only about sport but about human relationships in the modern world.

An Equal Voice

Despite the fact that the countries participating in the Commonwealth Games have different territories, wealth and political power, here they all have an equal voice. They are Commonwealth citizens at the game, even if the countries are no longer part of the British Empire.

This means that Nauru’s voice is just as important as India’s or England’s.

Para Athlete Exposure

When it comes to the inclusion of para athletes, the Commonwealth Games have been ahead of the planet introducing the Commonwealth Paraplegic Games in 1962 and including para sports in the Commonwealth Games in 1994.

Nowadays, para sportsmen are presented in this sports event as full members of their national teams and their results are included in the medal count.


Training before the Olympics

The Commonwealth Games may become the first step toward major international competitions for young sportsmen. Many athletes, who compete in the Commonwealth Games, then go on to compete in the Olympic Games. In fact, 53% of the Canadian athletes, who competed as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 competed in the Olympic Games in 2016.

Additionally, the results of the Commonwealth Games often predict the results of the Olympics. In the same 2014 Olympic Games, 14 of the 22 were won by athletes who had competed at these same Commonwealth Games. Bear it in mind if you are going to place some bets.

The Commonwealth Games in 2022

In 2022 the Commonwealth games will be held in Birmingham and will last from 28 July to 8 August. 72 Commonwealth nations are expected to take part in the competitions. There will be 283 finals played across 20 sports.

Among the sports on the list there are traditional sports like boxing, athletics or swimming, field hockey and others along with optional sports the host city chose to include: diving, beach volleyball, cricket, track cycling and rhythmic gymnastics.

This year will a feast for cycling lovers as Birmingham hosts 3 competitions dedicated to this sport: mountain biking, road and track cycling.

Also, the number of events available to para champions has increased. In 2022 apart from para powerlifting and wheelchair basketball sportsmen can compete in para swimming, para athletics, para triathlon, para lawn bowls and para table tennis.

This is going to be a spectacular experience! So if you’re a sports lover, it’s a great idea to attend the Commonwealth Games.


Interested in Playing the Sports They Play At the Commonwealth Games?

Now that you’ve learned about the Commonwealth Games, you might be inspired to play some of the sports they play at this sports event. Want to go swimming, cycling, play badminton or maybe do some gymnastics?

At Sport Session you can find coaches for all these sports and much more. Choose your Sport Session coach and play your own Commonwealth Games like a pro.

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