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The benefits of free sports sessions

26 Apr 2021

In partnership with our fantastic coaches, we are pleased to offer first sessions for free! Applicable across our sporting portfolio, from free personal training to free yoga classes, clients are now able to book a coach, without paying a penny.

The rapport between a coach and client is fundamental to a prosperous working relationship and that starts with the first meeting. Taster sessions allow the coach to assess the client and showcase how they will provide value while the client can get a flavour of the sports experience. It is a winning situation for both parties.

In this post, we will explore the benefits of free sports sessions and share some tips on how to make the most of them.


No financial risks for clients – Sometimes the biggest obstacle for a client before booking, is the prospect of not being given the value offered by a service. The elimination of a monetary exchange means there are no pressures or expectations. A relaxed environment is created where the client can be informed about the activity at their own pace.

Tried and tested method of securing clients – A “free month’s trial,” before committing to a subscription or “free samples” for products, are tactics used in numerous industries because they work. It provides the consumer that final incentive to engage with a service in a risk-free environment.

Great for beginners – Free sessions give a great opportunity to try a new sport for the first time. For someone who has never tried CrossFit before for example, learning about the hobby from free personal training will help them decide if it is right for them.

Flexibility for coaches – It is completely up to the coach to decide the type of free session they would like to provide. It could be online or in-person. For example, a nutrition advisor may choose to provide an online video consultation, or a golf instructor might give an in-person assessment of technique on the greens. It is totally up to the coach.  

Builds connections – Have you ever heard the phrase. “It's not what you know, it's who you know?” The importance of building connections can never be emphasised enough and a coach taking time to sit down with a client could open doors in more ways than one.

Our Tips for Coaches

Offer online - The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sharp rise in popularity for online sports sessions and even after the loosening of restrictions this is likely to continue. Clients are able to access limitless coaches from their laptops and offering a free online sports session opens up your services to the entire world. Moreover, clients feel more comfortable meeting new coaches in a virtual setting, increasing the likelihood of achieving bookings.

Be welcoming - Meeting a new coach for the first time can be daunting, therefore it is important that the coach is approachable and friendly. The more comfortable the client feels, the more confident they will be in their ability. This increases their scope for development.

Assess the client carefully – For the client to boost their capabilities, a coach should learn as much information as possible to plan future sessions. Additionally, it is a coach’s responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the client. To reduce the risk of accidents, it is integral a proper assessment is made.

Give clients a lesson to remember – Clients will be seeking experiences, and in this free session situation, there is a chance to leave a lasting impression. If a coach is offering a free personal training session, they should amaze the client with training tips and techniques they have never considered before.


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