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Team Building: 7 Sports to Make A Good Team

26 Sep 2022

Team building is an important aspect of business development. Learn about the different types of sports activities that make a good team today.

Did you know that 75% of employees value collaboration and teamwork over everything else.

Good team cohesion is something your employees have to work on daily, but that doesn't mean you can't nudge them along with some team building activities.

Which activities you choose will depend on the personalities you have in your office. Some people enjoy solving puzzles, others enjoy going out for drinks. What everyone can (and should) get behind, however, is health and fitness.

Today, we're going to offer up some suggestions for sports that the whole office can enjoy. Keep reading, because if your employees can have fun and work together on the court, field, or pitch, they'll be able to work together to make your business thrive.


Starting an office football club is a great way to build camaraderie amongst your employees. There are loads of football pitches all over the UK, so you'll have no trouble getting your team signed up to play meaningful matches. 

Football is a smart choice because you need to function as a cohesive unit in order to win a match. Winning isn't everything, but participants are going to have a better time if everyone's putting the effort in. 

Most Brits are somewhat familiar with how the game works, the rules, and what to do on the pitch. Not everyone is going to be ready to start playing right away, though.

For the less experienced players, it can be helpful to have a friendly and knowledgeable coach to help them progress. At, our coaches have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of football. Have us work with your team members, and we'll give them the tools they need to work together.



Cricket isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's a fun game that people of various skill sets can thrive doing. If you have folks that are more interested in playing defence as a fielder, there's a spot for them. Others may want to focus on batting or throwing. 

As with football, you can find cricket leagues to join all over the place. If you're going to have your employees join one, they should understand the game. Cricket can seem complicated to anyone that hasn't played before, so it's best to teach everyone the rules and scoring, as well as the fundamentals of batting, throwing, and fielding. 



Tennis usually only involves 2-4 people per match, but you can start an office tennis league to promote some friendly competition. Building a team that can drive your company forward is easier when all of your employees feel comfortable together.

Pairing different employees together each week in tennis teams can help them get to know each other. To succeed as a doubles team, you have to communicate. You can easily see how this can translate to the office and create working benefits.



Although it's one of the more popular sports around the world, basketball is still relatively small in the UK. Not that many Brits have grown up around it, so you may benefit from bringing a coach in for some basic instruction on the rules, as well as dribbling, shooting, and passing.

Once your employees start understanding the intricacies of basketball, they'll see how crucial working as a team really is for success. Each person on the court plays an integral role in how a play develops, which is exactly how a successful office runs.



Volleyball can be played indoors on a court or outside on the sand. Like basketball, it requires a lot of teamwork to be successful. You can't win a volleyball match with one person.

When the ball is hit to one side, the team members have to work as a unit to get the ball back over. Eventually, you'll figure out who does what well and set up plays that earn you points.

The rules of volleyball are simple - get the ball over the net and don't let it hit the ground. With a great coach helping your employees, they can learn the proper technique for bumping, volleying, and spiking, as well as setting teammates up.


Running Club

Running isn't exactly a team sport, but it's a great way to generate a positive atmosphere in the office. The simple act of running is proven to boost mental health, in addition to the obvious cardiovascular benefits. 

Try promoting an office running club and encourage every employee to join at their leisure. The more time they spend together outside of work in a positive, healthy environment, the more your team will gel.

Not everyone knows how to run properly. If you have anyone that isn't an experienced runner, they may be at risk of injuring themselves. Hiring a trainer to tell people proper running and stretching techniques is a smart investment.


Yoga Class

Yoga is another fantastic idea for group sporting sessions. The mental and physical benefits of yoga can't be understated. Hire a yoga teacher to come in once or twice per week and instil a zen-like atmosphere in the office.

You'll notice a difference in how people act towards one another almost immediately. Peace and tranquillity go a long way in improving employee happiness. When office morale is high, productivity goes up, and your business will thrive in new ways.


Turning Your Good Team Into a Great Team

Group sporting sessions are an amazing way to turn your good team into a great team, boosting office morale, employee retention, productivity, and strengthening company culture. What's great about these team building activities is that you can try each one and see what people are really into.

Success in sports and success in the office aren't so different. As long as everyone's pulling in the same direction, you can't fail. 

If any of these activities seem right for your office, sign up to to book one of our amazing coaches. By teaching your employees the right way to do a sport or activity, you'll greatly enhance their confidence and ability to contribute to the success of the team.

Name your sporting or fitness goal - we'll help you smash it. Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxing and SO MUCH MORE. With an irresistible 30% OFF your first session!


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