Sports for kids: 10 fun sports children should start playing

24 Sep 2021

"Amazing sporting experience makes a positive impact on children’s life. Here are some of the best sports activities for kids to play."

Sports are a fun way to motivate kids to stay active. Getting your children involved in sports will help them to stay fit and healthy. Read on to find out the best sports for kids to play.


Gymnastics is one of the most-watched Olympic sports! It is a comprehensive sport that incorporates strength building, body control skills and social benefits. When kids start gymnastics at early age, they have a solid foundation for other sports and develop soft skills to handle future challenges in life.

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In this digital age, it is more important than ever to spark your kid’s interest in sports. Cycling is a great sport that develops a universal skillset. When learning to ride a bike, children develop their body muscles, learn to maintain balance and explore a wide range of landscapes!

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Karate is not just a type of martial art, but also a life-changing way of life. It is a self-defence practice that develops a person’s body, mind and spirit. While practising karate children learn to maintain peace, keep away from conflicts and to resolve confrontations in a mature and constructive way like grown-ups.

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Ice Skating

Ice skating is a fun and healthy sports activity which helps develop muscle mass and improve coordination. Ice skating sessions teach kids more than just skating skills. They also learn to stay strong, focus under pressure, and develop confidence and perseverance. Not to mention it is an extremely exciting and spectacular sport to do in winter.

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Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the world! It is a fun, enjoyable team-based game that provides awesome all-round fitness. In addition to the health benefits it brings, it also teaches young kids sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork and work ethics. These are important skills to prepare them for adult life.

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Horse Riding

There is nothing more fun and exhilarating to kids than horse riding. Here is where your child learn to love nature and build friendship with animals. Not only horse riding helps to train muscles, posture and balance. Children also learn to coordinate their movements with a horse and behave properly with a living creature. Get your kid horse riding and give them some unforgettable experience or a new hobby.

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Climbing is an amazing sport for children to develop physical, psychological, personal and social skills. It helps them build confidence and courage in life. Overcoming obstacles, working despite fatigue and reaching the top teaches them to accept any challenge and work tirelessly to achieve their goals. Besides, it is a funny activity to do together.

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Table Tennis

Table tennis is a fast and intense sport, which is also known as the world’s best sport for your brain! It improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes and concentration. Moreover, you don't need special skills or expensive equipment to start playing. So pick up a racket and show your child, how to bounce a ball.

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Golf is a social non-contact sport that children can outside. Golf may not be as popular as other sports like football and tennis, but kids do benefit from it in many ways. For example, it improves analytical thinking and emotional control. It teaches you to use your brain rather physical strength, while still remaining a good physical exercise.

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Children love running! Running in the right way and with a carefully planned programme will benefit them both physically and mentally. Not only can running help them stay fit and healthy, but it can also boost their confidence and commitment, which are important values for them to learn and build on in their life.

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