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Sports activities for mother and child

25 Mar 2022

Don't know which sport to do with your child? Look at our list of activities you can do together.

Sport definitely is vital for the health and wellness of every person. It increases endurance, boosts the immune system and reduces the risk of various diseases. That is why it is a mother’s duty to teach her child to do sports regularly. And the best way to do this is to set a good example yourself.

On the eve of Mother's Day look at our list of sports activities that mothers can do even with small children. Teach your child to love sports as soon as it makes his/her first step.



Sports that involve interaction can bring relationship closeness between mother and child. And it doesn’t have to be a real football with strict rules and scores. Just kicking a ball together may be great fun too, if your child is too young for a real game. When your sportsman grows older, you can introduce him or her to the actual rules.


Swimming is about carefulness, overcoming fears, and gaining confidence in your skills. So teaching a child how to swim can develop close bondage between mother and child. You teach your child to trust you and gain its respect. Moreover, swimming skills open a wide range of water sports for your child to do in the future. And you can make out many games with different swimming accessories like lifebuoys, inflatable armbands, air matrasses, snorkels, goggles etc.


Yoga exercises help you stretch and strengthen your muscles without visiting the gym. So why not do it together with your child? Put two mates on the floor instead of one, turn on your favourite music and invite your kid to join you. Be sure your child will try to repeat those funny poses you do. Again, no need to push yourself towards your limits. Everyone must do the best he/she can.


It’s good to play sports 1 vs 1. And racket sports are perfect for this. While tennis may seem too hard for little players, badminton may be easier and more interesting. Give your child the shuttlecock, show how it jumps from the racket and ask to pop it to you. Even the smallest players will like hitting this funny feather thing with a racket. You don’t have to play for a score at first. In badminton, every successful serve is a victory.



Winter is time for joy and snow. You can share both with your child. If skiing or snowboarding may seem too extreme for your sportsman, introduce your kid to winter sports through skating. Choose a spacious rink, lace the skaters properly and show your little skater how great is it to glide across the ice. Remember, explain to your child that it is totally fine if you fall at first. But the joy is worth it.

Do sport together

Now you know how to make your children love sports. It is important to do this from a very young age to develop healthy habits. It is equally important to teach children properly to avoid possible traumas. If you are not sure about your own skills, you can hire a coach, who will teach you and your child to swim, skate, do yoga and many other things. Choose your coach here and sign up for your first personal training.

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