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Seven Health Benefits of Taking Pilates Classes

12 Feb 2022

Have you ever thought of taking Pilates classes? Check out this breakdown on some of the health benefits you'll get with this exercise.

Do you want to try Pilates exercises?

Pilates is a great exercise that anyone and everyone can do, regardless of age, size, gender, abilities, and fitness level. This exercise was only popular with celebrities and dancers, but Pilates is now becoming more mainstream. 

Adding a Pilates exercise into your workout regimen can help with any initiative you take. Whether you're aiming to tone up, feel better, or build muscle mass, Pilates can impact your quality of life. 

If you're doubting the effects of getting into Pilates, then read on. Here are a few benefits of taking Pilates classes:

What Is Pilates?

Pilates or Contrology is a form of whole-body workout to enhance daily exercises and livelihood. It's all about steady, slow motions, but it has overloaded health and fitness benefits.

So you either do the exercises on a mat, on a reformer like a flat, or a bed-like machine with strengthening springs. You can also use a more trendy style with gear like bigger Megaformer and spring-loaded to feel more of the rewards on your first day.

Before getting into it, always ask your physician before undertaking any new fitness timetable. This is especially important if you haven't exercised in a long time or suffer from a medical condition.

Online Pilates with Hannah Ford


1. Pilates Creates Core Strength

Pilates affects abdominal workouts, which help enhance the endurance and strength of the core muscles. Alongside a balanced diet, joining Pilates sessions every week can help boost abdominal strength and posture.

The body's core muscles are the major muscles of the abdomen, back, and pelvic floor. These muscles support a firm, good posture, supple back, and efficient activity patterns.

If the core is powerful, the body's structure is best reinforced. As a result, the shoulders and neck can relax, and the rest of the joints and muscles are free to perform their jobs. 

2. Pilates Enhances Mobility and Flexibility 

Foremost, let's determine the difference between mobility and flexibility. Flexibility is the amount of non-resistant stretch in a muscle. On the other hand, mobility is the degree of movement at a joint.

Pilates is a mix of stretching and strengthening, which boosts flexibility, strength, and mobility. Mobility is the one you must aim for, as flexibility in and of itself isn't that functional.

However, it would help if you had a balance of flexibility and strength to optimise mobility. You can improve your mobility by the soft transitions with careful and steady motions from Pilates exercises. 

Pilates with Michele Bond

3. Pilates Improves Energy

Pilates keeps your circulation moving, which stimulates the muscles and spine and makes your body feel great from working out. 

Pilates is a superb low-impact form of workout that you can include in your everyday routine. The more you work out, the more extra energy you will have. Likewise, the more energetic you get, the more you'll enjoy making your exercise habit. 

4. Pilates Presents Options

Pilates lessons are available at many studios, community centres, and gyms. The ease of access is helpful for novices, as it's good to begin at a studio Pilates for your first training. Aside from that, you can boost your learning through Pilates apps or streaming videos. 

You can further practice Pilates at home, which is a great exercise routine during this pandemic. You don't need any fancy Pilates machine, only comfy clothes and a mat.

Pilates with Sarah Ellis


5. Pilates Builds Strong Muscles

With Pilates, you develop toned muscles that function well with your whole body. 

Pilates activities make you defy gravity and move in a steady form, like a tricep-pushup. It can build your muscles by utilising eccentric muscle contraction movements. This kind of muscle contraction happens if the muscle stretches under tension. 

A study found that Pilates strengthens the whole body and abdominal muscles in post-menopausal women. Pilates also showed progress in postural balance and quality of life in older people. Moreover, people who often practice Pilates have excellent body posture.

Pilates is a great exercise routine for people with backache. It also indicates less risk for stiff or weak joints and supports warding off arthritis.

6. Pilates Can Help Weight Loss

If you exercise Pilates regularly, it will transform your body. It can enhance your muscle tone, support good posture, and train you to move with grace and ease. All these things could make you feel and look very fit, making Pilates the best exercise for those who want to lose weight. 

The procedure for weight loss demands burning more extra calories than you take in. For a whole-body fitness technique, Pilates could help you achieve that. Pilates can become an ideal body toning and weight loss tool by mixing aerobic exercises and low impact movements. 

Pilates with Jen Maciejewska


7. Pilates Improves Body Awareness

Pilates is a body and mind exercise that improves body awareness or proprioception. The attention inward and the power to focus on the feelings in your body boosts your cognition of emotion. As a result, the body can react to impulses with enhanced awareness, thwarting falls and injuries. 

Body awareness allows you to control overeating as you're in tune with your craving calls. Pilates improves breathing and balances the body, releasing tension and stress. It also helps every part of the body to work together in harmony. 

After joining Pilates lessons for a while, you can feel if your joints or muscles are out of alignment. You might be able to sense the signs of tension when they occur, as they do even in the lack of a stressful concern. Feeling stress and anxiety helps you handle it before it influences your system. 

It's vital to learn Pilates with an experienced coach to increase body awareness. In practising Pilates, much depends on utilising the proper positions and forms. If the positioning isn't accurate, joints and muscles can feel worse in time instead of better. 

Get Fit With Sport Session!

Pilates has excellent benefits and fits all regardless of fitness group, size, or age. Pilates moves via slow, sustained workouts using proper breathing and abdominal control.

The quality of every posture is more vital than the number of repetitions or how you can move. So if you want to get into Pilates, videos and books are available, but seeking the help of a skilled Pilates trainer can provide the best results. 

If you're looking to join Pilates classes, then look no further. We connect high-spirited trainers to compatible trainees without a glitch. 

Sport Session allows you to look for professional coaches to help you through beginner, intermediate, and expert levels of Pilates. Book a session today and start getting into Pilates!

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