Private coaching vs group classes: Which boxing session is right for you?

10 Aug 2021

Choosing the right boxing training can be challenging, especially for those who are completely new to the sport. Both private lessons and group classes are a fantastic way to achieve your training goals. But do you choose 1-on-1 training to ensure you get the trainer’s full attention? Or should you join a group class surrounded by others with a similar passion for boxing? Before answering this question, it’s imperative to understand the importance of how different types of boxing classes work and the key motivating factors which entice you to come to boxing lessons.

When you take a private boxing session, you will receive a full focus of attention from the coach. The trainer will prepare a tailor-made programme to suit your specific needs and personal goals. You can learn and improve technical details swiftly because the lesson plan is meticulously customised specifically for you. The boxing coach’s job is to provide detailed instructions and guide you through the training, while encouraging you to work hard and keep pushing towards your goals. The coach will also identify your weaknesses and help improve your posture. With 1-on-1 training, you’ll build a personal relationship with your boxing instructor and have the flexibility to choose the time and location that works best for your schedule.

On the other hand, let’s explore group boxing classes. As the name suggests, training is conducted in a group format with other participants. Group lessons are a great option for beginners who want to try something new and those simply hoping to relieve stress. As these classes are typically designed for people of all abilities, you will have exposure to various boxing styles in a comfortable setting while being able to make new friends. Lastly, joining a group class is usually a cheaper option because the cost of the instructor’s time is shared by yourself and other participants.

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Private boxing sessions and group boxing classes have their own advantages. What’s important is that you should choose the plan that suits you best, and work with a professional boxing instructor that enables you to achieve your fitness goals.

Pros of Private 1-to-1 Boxing Sessions:

  • Sessions are tailored to your personal needs
  • Technique is improved more quickly
  • A stronger relationship with your trainer
  • More flexibility for your training schedule
  • Great for individuals with specific training goals

Pros of Group Boxing Lessons:

  • Experiencing a wide variety of styles and skills
  • Socialising and meeting new people
  • Great way to have fun and relieve stress with others
  • Usually more affordable
  • Perfect for beginners who like to try something new
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