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Playing in a Football Club: How do You Play in a Team

4 May 2022

To win a football match you have to be not only a skilled footballer but also a good team player. Learn how to play in a football team here.

Football, no doubt, is the most popular sport in the world. A lot of people watch it and many play in local football clubs. But what many of us forget is that football is a team sport. So besides training with a sports coach you have to develop good communication skills. Otherwise, the team will never win.

So how do you play in a football team? Here are our Top 5 tips to perform great in a football team.



1. Understand your role

There are 11 players in every football team and each of them has his own unique and non-transferable role. Forwards, defenders, goalkeepers – the team tactics depend on how well they do their job. So if you are a defender, do not try to attack even if you have the chance. Leave it to other members of the team. Otherwise, you may not perform your duties and let your team down.


2. Collaborate

A football club is not a group of individuals kicking a ball at each other. It is a team of players working together to reach a common goal. That’s why it is essential for players to trust each other and coordinate their actions. Think about the most spectacular goals you have seen in football matches. Most of them are the results of good coordination and teamwork. 



3. Stick to the strategy

OK, you are perfectly coordinated with your teammates. Now it is time to decide, where you all are going. Team games are always games of strategies. That’s why football clubs always fight for talented defenders or forwards. Not just because they are good players, but because they would fit their playing strategy. It is simply not enough to perform cool tricks with your teammates. All your efforts need to have a defined goal in the end.



4. Listen to your coach

And where do you take the strategy? It is your football coach who creates it. No matter how well you may play, you cannot see the whole picture of a game while on the field. But your trainer can. Football trainer has the necessary experience and tactic knowledge. They know how to use the strength of every player and conceal their weaknesses. If a team is a car then a coach is its driver. That is why it is so important for everyone to listen and obey the coaches’ orders. Remember, you do not play for yourself. Learn to humble personal ambitions for the sake of a team.



5. Train your football skills

A basic rule but one shouldn’t forget about it. The team’s success depends on the performance of every player. If somebody doesn’t do well the other players have to take his duties on their shoulders. You don’t want to be the weak link, do you? So to play well in a football club you need constant training. Hire a personal football trainer if you want to perfect your technique. After a few sessions, not only you but also your team will see the difference.


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