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Our top 5 sports coaches for beginners

16 Apr 2021

The first UK lockdown may have occurred just over a year ago, but for me, it genuinely feels like several years have gone by. 

It has been such a tough period for many of us, with restrictions directly impacting the way we lead our lives. Those with a passion for sport, have felt an excruciating itch to get back out there and participate, as there is no substitute for the physical and mental benefits of involvement. 

A promise I made myself while doing my 1844 walk around my local village is to never take freedoms for granted. Seize every opportunity to try something new and indulge in what makes you happy.

I believe many will have adopted the same mentality, therefore we have assembled a selection of five coaches from five different sporting activities recommended by beginners. 

These coaches ease their clients into new sports, providing carefully curated programmes to help increase ability and confidence. 


If you wish you were as great at golf in real life as you were back in the Nintendo Wii days, then give lessons a try. There are hundreds of benefits to enjoy from this sport, both physically and socially. Golf can be tricky to pick up for beginners yet unbelievably rewarding to become proficient at. Why not take up the challenge?

With over 50 years of experience in the golf industry, Paul Tolley has taught all over the world and is now based in London. He is an expert in swing technique, improving a client's potency and accuracy, in addition to sports psychology and performance. Paul provides coaching for players of all ages and abilities, offering group sessions for up to 5 people. 


Pivotal to progression in any sporting activity is the need to have a balanced healthy diet. If like us, you spent the lockdown months eating far too much, it could be a great idea to seek nutritional advice.

Dounya Adman takes a holistic approach to online coaching, catering exclusively to the client. She focuses on key indicators for well-being, including mindset, symptoms, and diet, building personalised food programmes that fit your goals and daily routine. Dounya has helped a variety of clients from amateurs to Olympic athletes using science-based research to drive value.

Nutrition advisor

Personal Training

Going to the gym is a staple activity for individuals from a variety of sporting backgrounds, for whom exercises will enhance performance. With the gyms reopening nationwide, hit the ground running with a personal trainer. 

An Italian fitness trainer who resides in southwest Scotland, Domenico Colavito provides tailored programs for various abilities and strengths. A strong communicator, he has invested a lot of time in academia to boost his sports coaching knowledge contributing his own research to the field. Domenico offers both online coaching and in-person sessions, to support his clients through their fitness journey.

Personal Trainer


We welcome the return of team sports after missing the sense of belonging and togetherness felt by participation. MySport Session hosts a variety of team sports coaches, including football and rugby, improving key skills to equip individuals for matches.

Netball coach and fitness trainer Olivia Willis, takes on clients of all ages, using activities and drills to develop progression. Despite being only 22 years old, she has competed in a range of competitions including the youth commonwealth games, utilising her experience to help others on the court.

Netball coach


Forever growing in popularity yoga has been adopted by millions of people worldwide and with it, the demand for teachers. There is so much depth to this sporting activity, so for novices, it can be a daunting prospect to get started. 

Yoga and fitness trainer Lena Starzyska takes a creative approach to her specialty, sharing ‘electrifying applied anatomy tips’ during classes. From the first lesson, Lena will build a routine for you to better understand your body on and off the mat. If you’re looking to take up yoga as a new hobby, Lena will guide you through the process through in person and online coaching. 

Yoga teacher

Give it a go!

As the author Simon Sinek stated, “Sometimes the hardest thing is starting. Once you get that out of the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey much easier.” Take a leap of faith and try something new with MySport Session sports coaches today.

Name your sporting or fitness goal - we'll help you smash it. Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Boxing and SO MUCH MORE. With an irresistible 30% OFF your first session!


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