How to Serve Like a Tennis Pro! A Step-By-Step Guide

21 Jul 2023

You can learn how to serve like a tennis pro. Use this guide to learn the drills, techniques, and tips to improve your serve.

Did you know that tennis as we know it was designed in the 1870s? It was first presented at the Olympic Games as early as 1896.

For as long as tennis has been around, people have been wanting to be like the tennis pros. The first step to being a tennis pro is knowing how to serve like a tennis pro and we can show you how!

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through how professionals serve tennis, one tiny movement at a time. If you read on and follow our advice, you'll be serving like a tennis pro in no time!

Step One: Proper Grip

Many beginner tennis players often have a forehand grip. This is the wrong grip to have in tennis, as it makes it so you can't swing the tennis racquet along its proper path.

The best grip you can use is known as a continental grip. Angle your hand when gripping the racquet and spread your index finger slightly further from your other fingers.

This allows for a better sense of control when you swing your racquet, which will make it easier to serve. In addition, it allows you to feel your hand relax with each swing.

Step Two: Stance

Having a stance you can rely on and easily feel is important. There are two main stances you can choose from- platform stance and pinpoint serve stance.

In a platform stance, keep your feet fully spread throughout the serve. Maintain them about a shoulder's width apart for proper stability.

A pinpoint serve stance begins the same as a platform stance. However, as you move into the pose just before you serve, you bring your feet together.

In this pose, pick one foot to position the bulk of your weight on. This will allow you to follow through without difficulty.

Step Three: Footwork

Having correct footwork is essential in both a tennis serve and a volley. You can't serve right if you can't move right.

In tennis, part of the proper footwork is keeping your centre low. Move forward with large strides, keeping your feet apart. If this is hard to imagine, you may want to look up videos of tennis footwork.

Once you've seen some videos, it's time to practice! Try adding some long, low steps into your tennis practice.

This will help you move more like tennis professionals do. Moving like a professional will also help you figure out other techniques that can improve how you play.

Step Four: Smooth First Move

When it comes to making a proper first move, it's all in the shoulder. Your shoulder is a major part of smooth, efficient serving.

To perform a perfect first move, let your shoulder turn slightly at the start. Move your tossing arm first, with your serving arm following behind at a slight delay.

Your serving arm can be bent or straight, while your tossing arm should be straight and smoothly raised.

This way, you can focus on the racquet as you move in for the serve. Keep the face of the racquet "closed", or level, as you hit the ball.

Tennis serve

Step Five: The Toss

For most tennis players, your toss will initially go all over the place. Developing a consistent toss is crucial to a good tennis serve. You can do this by learning the best way to locate the ball.

Try holding the ball with your fingertips, relaxing your wrist as you release. Make sure that you toss your ball from the shoulder. Finally, make sure you open your fingers when you release the ball.

All that's left to do is become aware of where the toss goes once you hit it. How high or low is it? Did it go left or right?

Step Six: Follow Through

As you practice the first five steps of a tennis serve, you will gradually develop the follow-through. These include things such as the trophy pose and racquet drop.

A trophy pose is a position you make just before hitting the ball. It allows you to gather momentum for the perfect strike.

The racquet drop is how to let your serving arm fall after hitting the ball. This allows you to avoid being scratched by the racquet net or hit on the head with your racquet.

Bonus Tip: Body Awareness

Something that you may not have realized is that tennis experts are keenly aware of their body at all times. Don't focus on your body more than the game- just feel it.

Know where your feet are positioned and how you're angled. Feel your grip on the tennis racquet and make sure it's not too loose or too tight.

Being aware of your body will allow you to go through the proper motions when making a tennis serve, which gives you the advantage. In addition, it will make the rest of your tennis game easier. Practice this awareness until it's fully developed.

Bonus Tip #2: Don't Get Discouraged

One of the most important tips in starting any sport is to not get discouraged. No matter what, don't quit when things get difficult.

The best ways to overcome your discouragement are to set a list of goals and make a schedule. Make sure your goals and your schedule are realistic, and then stick to both of them.

As you achieve your goals and follow your schedule, you'll begin to see just how much progress you've made. This can be one of the greatest motivators.

Remember, the difference between an amateur and a professional is simple- professionals don't quit.

Become a Tennis Pro!

Now that you know how to serve like a tennis pro, are you ready to discover more ways to up your game? If you are, then you should consider finding a tennis coach!

A tennis coach will help you in ways you would have never thought possible. You'll be playing tennis like a professional in no time.

Don't wait- look for coaches in your area today!

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