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How To Integrate a Healthy Lifestyle With Work

15 Sep 2022

Are you a business owner or an HR manager? Do you want to know how to integrate a healthy lifestyle with your employees? Read on to learn how to do it the right way.

According to a FlexJobs survey, 76% of the respondents admitted that workplace stress affects their mental health. Besides, Mental Health America states that depression alone costs the US about $51 billion in absenteeism and lost productivity.

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond taking a smoothie daily and crushing it at your gym. It's essential to consider health even at work.

You can lead a healthy lifestyle by ensuring your stress levels and mental health are okay. Unfortunately, a lot of individuals spend most of their days behind an office desk.

This makes it hard to meet the healthy lifestyle needs of your employees. But as a good employer and a smart businessman, you need to keep your workforce healthy to improve productivity and avoid massive resignations. Here, we provide you with tips on how to integrate a healthy lifestyle among your employees.

Healthy Lifestyle

Make Sure They Eat Responsibly

Most employees admit to finding it hard to eat healthily and sensibly while at work. Sometimes it becomes hard to resist the appetite for junk food or avoid tasting calorific treats from your colleagues.

That being the case, you'll need to encourage people to practice self-control. They don't have to forget entirely about taking junk food. Just limit its consumption.

If possible, do not allow eating meals at the office desk. Taking time off from the office to get lunch will give your employees a short break and prevent overeating too.

You can keep healthy treats in the office, like fruits, nuts, and healthy smoothies. These will satisfy hunger without the sluggish feeling, as would be the case after eating junk food.

Healthy Lifestyle

Hydrate Enough

Being too involved in work can make you lose track of how much water you take in daily. Your people must drink plentiful water to remain hydrated and super-active.

Dehydration can cause you to become drowsy and sluggish. It's recommended to drink about six to eight water glasses each day as an adult.

However, this will vary depending on the level of their physical activity and the climate in your area. Sometimes, they might need to take more glasses of water.

You can also manage your employees' hunger pangs and keep them hydrated by keeping lots of fresh and juicy fruits in the office kitchen.

Provide Gym Membership and Sporting Activities

Exercise is a significant element in creating a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many employees lack the time or a place to perform their exercises.

You can set aside ample time for your employees to hit the gym in the afternoon. Also, provide a sports coaching membership as an employee's benefits package if you have none in your company.

A group sporting session like yoga can motivate your employees to exercise more. These sporting activities help maintain the health of your mind and body in good shape.

Healthy Lifestyle

Check-In With Employees Regularly

It's advisable to check in with your staff often to ensure their mental health is great. You can find out if your employees get overstressed or feel overworked.

When you make these inquiries, your employees will feel that you care about their well-being as people. Besides, your staff will feel that you appreciate their efforts towards the different assigned duties.

Checking in with your employees allows you to develop an open-minded culture in your organization. So, individuals will feel more comfortable talking about the issues affecting their productivity at work.

You create a healthy office environment if you engage your staff like this more often. So, your employees become more focused on seeing your organization succeed.

Be Mindful of Overtime and Number of Hours Worked

Working for prolonged weeks and excess overtime can cause high stress levels for an employee. If experienced for a long time, the stress may lead to excessive burnout.

Set policies that regulate and keenly monitor overtime hours in your workplace. You can also enforce paid leaves to your employees to minimize your company's liability count.

A paid leave also ensures the employee rests enough and leads a healthy lifestyle at work.

Healthy Lifestyle

Encourage Employees to Take Preventative Screenings and Vaccinations

Today, many healthcare insurance covers provide vaccinations and preventative screenings. Unfortunately, these opportunities often go untapped.

Employees find it hard to set time aside for routine screenings and check-ups. Encourage your staff to take advantage of such opportunities by providing a paid off-day to visit a doctor.

Alternatively, you can make arrangements to provide routine vaccinations to your employees while in the office. That way, even the busiest employees can benefit.

Take Care of the Ill Employees

If one of your employees gets ill, don't allow them to work in the office. Give them paid sick leaves to recover or let them work from home if a person assures you he or she can work.

It is important to keep contagious diseases outside of the office to provide a healthy working environment. So make sure a sick member of your team stays home and receives proper treatment. Doing so helps reduce the chances of spreading the infection to the rest of your team members.

Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle at Work

A healthy lifestyle at work can benefit your company in many ways. Healthy employees are less likely to take off days at work, hence reducing absenteeism.

Employees leading a healthy lifestyle will also increase their productivity and efficiency at the workplace. This implies that you enjoy a higher return on your investment. helps you keep your employees healthy, excited and engaged in working in your company. Contact us to learn more about our special offers for corporate clients.

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