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How to Encourage Clients to Book Sessions

18 Oct 2022

So you have made your profile but still cannot get enough sessions? Learn how to encourage clients to pay attention to you and book sessions in our new article.

Sports coaching as an industry is expected to reach $9.03 billion in value throughout Europe. Even in the U.S., the industry is currently worth $8 billion.

This shows that as a sportscoach, no matter your sport of passion or expertise, you are in demand and there are people that could benefit from working with you. A successful coaching business is run based on good communication skills, energy, and a love for a game or certain skills.

To show that you are credible as a sports coach so that you can take advantage of the market, using an all-in-one platform could make it quite simple to do. If you're a sports coach, you know how important it is to keep your clients booked. However, sometimes it can be difficult to encourage them to schedule their next session or to drive new customers in for their first.

We're going to share the top ten tips on how to encourage clients to book sessions. If you want to promote yourself, get your services in front of those that could benefit from it, while making your business easier to run, keep reading.      


How To Increase Your Booking Rate For Your Coaching Business

There are various things you can do to increase your client base for your coaching business. The key is to give potential clients what they need, to supply them with what they didn't know they needed, and to make your services attainable for them.

1. Offer a Free First Training Session

Giving clients a taste of what you have to offer may be all it takes to get them in the door and wanting to reschedule. Offer a free first training session (like Anisha Kotecha) and prove that you are competent and professional. If you establish good relationships with a client and show them what results they can achieve in the future, be sure they will call you back.

2. Update your profile

No one is going to choose you among dozens of other coaches because you are a good person. People tend to judge a book by its cover. And the clients will judge you by your profile. Make sure you upload photos of good quality, fill in all necessary information and write a creative but functional bio on your page at SPORTSESSION.COM. Look at other profiles for inspiration and find something that can make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Mix Things Up

If you want clients to book a training session with you, keep your training interesting by mixing things up each time but still demonstrating some of your signature training techniques. This could mean incorporating new drills or exercises, working with different training partners, or even training in a new location.

If your clients feel like they're always learning something new and being challenged, they'll be more likely to keep coming back. The flexibility that SPORTSESSION.COM offers its partnering coaches allows you to design your training operations in any way that you can think up.


4. Offer A Variety Of Training Programs

Giving your clients variety will allow them to have the room to choose the programme that best fits their needs. This could include personal training, group training, or even online coaching.

By offering multiple options, you're more likely to appeal to a wider range of people. At SPORTSESSION.COM you can create multiple offerings and let the clients choose what they like more.

5. Make Sure Your Pricing Is Competitive

This doesn't mean you have to be the cheapest sports coach out there, but it does mean that your prices should be in line with what others in your area are charging. By being conscious of your pricing, you can make sure you're not deterring potential clients.

Also, do some market research and find out what potential clients are looking for but having trouble finding. By offering something different from nearby coaches, you can increase your training session bookings easily.

6. Stay Up To Date 

Keep yourself informed and always know the latest trends in your athletic speciality. When clients can recognise your knowledge of your sport, you increase their trust and receptiveness to learning.

This shows that you're keeping up with the latest advancements and that you're always looking for ways to improve your training methods. Overall, this will give your clients confidence in their abilities as a coach. 


7. Offer Gift Cards

This is a great way to clients to spread the word about your coaching services. At SPORTSESSION.COM you can sell your own gift cards people can give to their friend and family as a present. 

8. Give Your Clients Access To Exclusive Content

This could include training tips, nutrition advice, or even behind-the-scenes looks at your training sessions or training programmes that you have in the works. By giving clients something that they can't get anywhere else, you'll make them feel special and appreciated while increasing their interest in what you'll offer next.

9. Get Involved In Your Community

This could mean volunteering at local events, sponsoring a youth sports team, or even just attending local games and meets. By getting involved, you'll show that you're invested in the community, which will allow you to reach a more local audience.

Become a hero of our blogs or social media posts and gain recognition among our users. Clients will be interested in you if you show that you are interested in helping them.


10. Keep Your Social Media Presence Active And Use Innovative Tools

This is a great way to connect with potential clients and to show off your training methods during your on and off time. Using social media marketing tactics can increase your business exposure by 93% when implemented correctly. Use social media to share photos and videos of your training sessions, and provide helpful tips and articles on your social channels as well.

Doing these things will help you to build a consistent presence with your audience. Just don't forget to put the link to your profile on SPORTSESSION.COM on your Instagram like our table tennis coach Farhaan Ahmed.

Streamline Your Coaching Business

If you have a coaching business, there's a chance that you already know how difficult it can be to juggle administrative and financial tasks, marketing, client sourcing, and client retention. With SPORTSESSION.COM, you will have access to a marketplace dedicated to coaches.

With little effort on your part, you can increase your monthly revenue, bring in new customers, and take a few things off of your to-do list. If you want help optimising your business while allowing it to grow, take a look at what joining our platform as a coach has to offer.

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