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How to attract more clients to your sporting activities

23 Mar 2021

In an industry blessed with an abundance of talented coaches across all sporting backgrounds, it can be hard to stand out to clients amongst the noise.

Being able to find new customers can be the trickiest part of sports coaching. Especially when you have a tight marketing budget and a busy schedule. Don’t worry, we are your client-finding machine.

Sport Session will help you build your business and increase your revenue. This journey starts with creating your profile where you showcase your sports or wellness offering.

This useful guide will show you how to develop your perfect Sport Session profile to grow your client base. This optimises your journey to success.

Engage customers with a killer biography

First impressions are vitally important, so ensure the initial perception you are giving to potential customers is a positive one. Providing as much detail as possible demonstrates your competency and authenticity.

Background – Share a concise background summary of how you followed your passion for your chosen sport through to coaching. Answer questions like - Where did you study? How did you start the sport? What experience do you have? Do you have any other hobbies? What motivates you? By being as transparent as possible, you can attract a larger clientele as clients will be more likely to trust you and your ability to coach.

Storytelling – This ancient art will elevate your description into a compelling read for a potential client. For example, you could provide an anecdote about how you turned a novice into a confident athlete or an outline of the origins of your sports coaching philosophies.

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Use captivating imagery

We have all heard the classic line; “subscribers are 74.0594% more likely to achieve better results by having x many photos,” and the premise is true. Having imagery on your profile will give insight into your sessions and help them visualise what it would be like to be coached by you.

Profile picture – Add a clear thumbnail image of yourself smiling with a clear background. This will help the customer trust your identity. 

Offer images – Think of your profile as a shop window. By displaying images you are flexing your coaching skills and maximising the chances of people being intrigued to learn more. Try to use action shots of yourself taking sessions and mentoring clients. Why not get creative with it? You could include photos of positive reviews you have had or a certificate from a qualification achieved. Many successful Instagram accounts use images with a consistent colourway to engage customers, why not do the same!


Utilise the 'about the session' section 

Okay, so you have created a compelling description and included some captivating imagery, now what? In this section, describe what a typical experience run by you would look like. We advise illustrating three key pillars; aims, method, and results.

Aims – How will you assess the client and tailor a session to their goals/capabilities?

Method – What will you do to achieve these aims during the session?

Results – How will you provide feedback and help the individual develop?

Including these points will successfully showcase the value you are offering, making the individual feel motivated to reach their personal sporting goals with you. This might also attract corporate clients as they look for a professional with considerable experience, a reliable base, and the right attitude towards his job for their teams.

Be sure to ...

Add the location - In order for clients to commit to your service, you need to provide as much information as possible, including the venue where the sports activity will take place. Do you offer online sessions only? No problem! We have an integrated video system where you can take the session without leaving the platform.

Add a schedule and keep it updated - Include accurate working hours of when you are available to take on clients and keep it regularly updated to ensure your clients will never be disappointed. 

Include qualifications - Give proof of your expertise by specifying what coaching qualifications you have achieved.

Outline logistics - Make it clear if the equipment is supplied, what age groups you coach, where you can offer your services, and what language(s) you speak. Complete the sections accurately to make logistical information apparent.

Opt-in for first sessions free - It is advantageous for coaches to offer the first session free, as it allows the client to get a taster session of your services at no monetary risk. 

Offer group and pack discounts - Discounts are a fantastic strategy to acquire clients and Sport Session allows great flexibility for this. For example, you could offer a discount for larger groups taking part in your sporting activities. You could also opt-in for offering 5 or 10 session packs at a % discount. The price of your offering may be a definitive factor in a client choosing your services so make it count. 

Share your profile on social media - If you have been approved and are satisfied with your Sport Session profile, share it with your network. This will encourage them to book your services through your new business hub.

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Make the effort, reap the rewards

The greater your profile, the larger clientele you are likely to connect with. It’s as simple as that. The easiest part of your job is conducting your amazing coaching services, so ensure you sell yourself in the best way possible and increase your revenue with Sport Session.

Not made a profile yet? Become a Coach l Learn more about Sport Session

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