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Hitting the Wall: How Can You Fight Against the Urge to Quit?

20 Dec 2022

We've all gotten to that stage in working out when we're ready to give up and let our bodies rest. However, if you want to ensure you reach your goals, you've got to push past the pain your body is feeling and keep going.

If you're someone who struggles with "hitting the wall, " you might wonder what you can do to get past it and make your sports training a priority. Below you'll find helpful motivation tips and get the most out of each sports training session you've signed up for.

Push Past the Pain

Okay, this will be tricky because you should always listen to what your body is trying to tell you. That said, there's a difference between experiencing a little discomfort because you're new to sports training versus something wrong like a pulled ligament or sprained ankle.

When you're training, there will be a point where it seems as if all your muscles are screaming at you to give it a rest. This is the most crucial crossroads people find themselves facing.

You need to dig deep and push through this momentary discomfort during these times. We recommend you focus on your " why". What is the reason you've chosen to participate in sports training?

What are the goals you hope to achieve? Focusing on why you've chosen to start this journey will help you push the discomfort from your mind until you've finished the session.

As you continue training, you'll find that what you can push through increases as you become more consistent with your training regimen.

Listen to Your Coach


When you're doing something you've never done before nor received education in, you may become sceptical of what you're doing. This is when choosing the right sports coaches will make all the difference in the world.

The person you choose to train you should be knowledgeable in what you're doing so they can ensure you're doing the right exercises and training to reach your sports goals.

The coach should also be someone you're comfortable with because you will spend a lot of time with them during each training session. When you find yourself "hitting the wall", tune everything else out and dial in on what your coaches are saying.

It's their job to push you to become the best you can be physically, which means when they see you're struggling, they'll start providing the encouragement you need to push through. Use the encouragement they provide to continue and keep pushing yourself through each set and repetition you perform.

Sike Your Brain Out

When your performance begins to decline, it's not so much that your body has become tired. It's more so that your mind has reached a point where it doesn't think it can push through and keep going.

When you begin to give in to these thoughts, it's easier for you to convince yourself that you should stop what you're doing. For example, when you're running and begin to get out of breath, and your legs start to burn, you might think, "I can't run any faster", or "my legs can't do one more sprint."

Instead of giving in to these thoughts, change your thinking and tell yourself all the things you can do. Essentially you're faking it until your body becomes strong enough to withstand the thoughts that you're having.

When you lighten your mindset, you'll be surprised how much more you can complete during each training session. This can help you to participate in longer and more strenuous training sessions as your endurance continues to improve.

Make a List of Goals

Before you start training, one of the first things your sports coaches will ask you is what your goals are. They want to know what you want to achieve because this will help them to create a plan to aid in you achieving these goals.

If you don't have any goals, pushing through each training session can be challenging because you're not actively working towards anything. Before participating in your first session, sit down and create a list of your goals.

Once you've done this, you can visualize yourself achieving and celebrating each of these goals. It may also help if you create a reward system for yourself.

For example, treat yourself to a new outfit or a relaxing spa rejuvenation day once you've hit your milestone. Not only will this help you to celebrate the goal you've achieved, but it can provide the fuel you need to continue pushing forward and do what it takes to achieve the next goal on the list.

Again, keep your sports coach in the loop about your goals, especially if you choose to add to it or take one off the list. They can help monitor your goal progress and keep you on track to achieve them.

Set a Schedule

It takes about 18-254 days before actions or behaviours become a habit. This is why we recommend you sit down with your sports coach and create a schedule you can stick to.

In the beginning, don't overload each week with training sessions. Instead, add a few throughout the month, and as it becomes more of a habit to work out, you can add more. You also want to ensure you input rest days for your body to recuperate.

Your sports coach will speak with you and create a schedule that works for your lifestyle at this point and can work with you to change it in the future if need be.

Hitting the Wall: Ways to Overcome It

When you're hitting the wall during a training session, the only thing you can think about is giving up. However, there are ways to push yourself, such as listening to your sports coach or setting a schedule and sticking to it.

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