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Great Resignation: What Is It and How Can You Avoid It Through Sport?

15 Sep 2022

There are several reasons why more and more employees are leaving their current positions. Keep reading to learn more about the Great Resignation.

Over 40 million people left their jobs or switched careers in 2021 alone. The Great Resignation was born from the COVID-19 pandemic and completely changed the UK business landscape. 

Leaving their jobs did not mean that the millions of employees did not need to make a living. But they started to look at it from a different perspective. Quitting their jobs, people searched for more creativity, flexibility, and benefits. 

Core to an attractive job is a work-life balance and an environment in which one can enjoy and thrive. When employers make an effort to provide this, team members will feel valued and more satisfied. 

Continue to read to learn more about the Great Resignation, its impact on employment in the UK, and how companies can better retain employees. 


Why Did the Great Resignation Happen?

The COVID-19 pandemic made individuals think differently about work. At first, companies had to find creative solutions to maintain productivity. Government regulations mandated lockdowns, and employees had to work from home. 

Once the lockdowns ended, some companies remained flexible and allowed team members to work from wherever was the most comfortable for them. Other businesses required that their team members return to the office. 

Employees' health and safety became a huge priority as they worked throughout the pandemic. Many felt unsafe in an in-person work environment and were nervous about bringing home undesirable germs. 

Weighing health concerns with even new work stresses that came with the pandemic became almost too challenging to deal with. Some employees attempted to discuss their concerns with employers, but many employers did not listen. 

These millions of employees felt that they were not valued by the companies they worked for. Their companies would not even try to compromise or create a better work-life balance.

People in a variety of different industries felt more worn out than ever before while hesitant about tucking their children into bed. 


There were companies that did listen and took measures to protect their team members. These businesses were better able to retain their workforce throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, more companies prioritized business over safety and comfort. 

This is just one reason why the Great Resignation happened. Another core reason why so many employees left their positions is that they decided to prioritize other things in their life. 

Some recognized that they wanted to focus on being a better parent or try to find the dream job they had been searching for years. The COVID-19 era was a perfect time to refresh professionally and personally. 

How Has the Great Resignation Affected the UK Business Landscape?

Two of the most popular industries that were affected by the Great Resignation are retail and restaurant. As companies saw thousands and then millions of employees leave, their worst fears were realized. The bottom line was affected. 

Without a reliable staff to oversee operations, some locations even had to shut down temporarily. From a restaurant perspective, guests had to wait longer than before to get served and receive a meal. Understandably, their patience was often exhausted.


Of course, the fears of the pandemic kept customers at home. This dramatically affected a company's business. However, as places of retail and restaurants became more open, there was not enough staff to handle the customers. 

Other industries were affected as well. From financial institutions to marketing firms, the lack of a strong team had dire consequences.

Productivity decreased. Companies had to put more stress on the employees who stayed.

The above examples demonstrate the effect the Great Resignation has had. What is frightening is that people are still leaving positions today. How do companies encourage team members to stay? 


Collaboration and Engagement Are Key

The most important thing a company can do is to show that its team members are valued. There are many different approaches to do this, but incentivization is at the heart of every strategy. 

If a company wants to retain employees, it has to incentivize and reward its staff. It's that simple.

Rewards do not have to be financial bonuses. A reward could simply be a better work-life balance. How does one create a better work-life balance? 

The most critical thing to remember is that employees are humans and have lives too. They need time to engage with family or friends. They need time to rest and get a good night's sleep. 

While a good work-life balance is essential, creating an engaging work environment is just as crucial. Companies need to remember that their operations are a team sport. Collaboration is imperative. 

Through different exercises and activities, businesses can encourage an engaging and collaborative atmosphere. When team members work together, not only will productivity increase, but the team members will feel more content. Socialization is core to the human experience. 


How Sports Sessions Can Make a Difference 

There is a reason why physical exercise feels so good. It releases stress and gives the body a reboot. When individuals engage in physical activity, they can feel less tense and refreshed. 

One popular approach companies use to reward and engage employees is a sports session. They teach teamwork and collaboration. Moreover, while learning meaningful work skills, employees can have fun together.

Give the Gift of Sports Coaching Today 

Being cooped up in an office can get tiring. If a company not only encourages but pays for its employees to enjoy physical activity, this will demonstrate that it values its team's physical and mental health. 

Companies have seen the effects of the Great Resignation first-hand. If anything can be taken away, it is that employees desire to be valued and appreciated. Sports coaching as an employee benefit is an amazing way to do this. 

At, we want to help you demonstrate your loyalty to your employees. We offer a variety of different sports team-building sessions that your team members are sure to enjoy. 

 Experience today by joining now as a member! 

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