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Get fit with your mum: sports for seniors

25 Mar 2022

Exercise no matter the age. Read our list of sports and activities for seniors.

Doing sports is good for everyone. However, people tend to stop exercising with age. Mostly because of decreasing flexibility, strength and general fitness. But exercising is important not only to lose weight and have a perfect summer body but also to prevent various diseases and improve mental health. If your parents have stopped exercising thinking they don’t need it now, encourage them to do sports regularly.

It is not true, that older people cannot exercise. Of course, they can. Moreover, they do it more and more each year. According to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention statistics, between 2008 and 2015 the percentage of older adults doing exercises regularly increased from 35.7% to 42.5% among persons aged 65–74 years, from 24.5% to 30.9% among persons aged 75–84 years, and from 11.9% to 19.4% among persons aged ≥85 years.

Obviously, older people cannot do hard and fast-paced sports like weightlifting, karate or boxing. But there are many sports perfectly suitable for them. What are the main criteria in choosing a sport for seniors? It must not be too intense and it must not put too much pressure on the joints. The best way to encourage your older parents to exercise is to do it with them. On the eve of Mother’s Day read our list of sports you can do together.


Swimming is a perfect sport for everyone: from babies to older people. It provides good physical training for the entire body but puts a lesser impact on the joints at the same time. Moreover, it improves cardiovascular health, strengthens ligaments and tendons. Make swimming a weekly family tradition and make sure your parents exercise regularly.


Tai Chi

This is a Chinese martial art practised not only for self-defence purposes but also for health benefits and meditation. Tai Chi consists of a series of gentle physical exercises and stretches instead of rapid punches, throws and swings. It doesn’t demand a great impact on the joints, so it is suitable for older people. Take several tai chi classes with your mum to keep both of you fit, healthy, and relaxed.


Another slow-paced sport, suitable nearly for everyone. Due to special movements involved while swinging, your joints move without pressure but still remain active. This makes the sport suitable for those, who cannot move fast. Moreover, the game demands great concentration and coordination. So while playing golf, your parents improve their focus and overall mental wellbeing.



This is the most fast-paced sport on the list. It involves moving in different directions, swinging the racket with your arms and quick reaction. But if your mum does not fear difficulties, why not? Tennis increases hand-eye coordination, overall strength and balance. It’s a great workout for seniors, who lead a sedentary lifestyle.


According to British Cycling, more than two million people in the UK cycle at least three times a week. And it is not surprising since cycling burns out more calories and demands less effort than jogging for example. It also has less impact on your joints, especially knees. This is important as many seniors have problems with their knees and do not wish to overload them. Go cycling on weekends with your parents and apart from sightseeing, you will have profound physical training.


Exercise with your family no matter the age. You can perform easy exercises or try something new altogether. Choose a personal coach at Sport Session and sign up for a personal tai chi class or golf training with your parents. Our coaches create a program for every client and monitor their success.

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