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Deskercise: Simple Exercises to Incorporate into the Workday for Improved Wellbeing

31 May 2023

Are you looking for easy ways to get your deskercise in? Read for easy exercises that you can incorporate into the workday to improve your well-being.

Around the globe, there is enough demand for health and fitness clubs to generate more than $97 billion every single year. However, experts are predicting that this industry will continue to grow by a rate of more than 7% each year, at least until 2026. On top of that, there are more than 180 million gym members around the planet.

However, you don't need to go to a gym to cultivate well-being. In fact, there are many easy exercises you can do at your desk at work.

Some people feel that they do not have the time to fit exercise into their busy lives. However, by the time you finish this article, you will see that there is a lot you can do to get exercise, even in the workplace. So what are some of the best exercises you can use to cultivate your health at work?

Read on to learn all about these simple exercises you can do at your desk!

Strength Exercises at Your Desk

Strength exercises can help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. As these simple exercises help you build muscle, that will also help you increase your metabolism.

You do not need extensive weight equipment to start building some strength. In fact, it is often easiest to add strength and muscle to your body when you first begin.

Leg Extensions

To perform leg extensions, simply place your feet flat on the floor under your desk. Then, hold the rest of your body still while you lift your toes up, to point toward the bottom of your desk as you unbend your knees.

When you first start out, you might do this about 10 times before taking a break.

However, you can add to these easy workouts to help develop more strength. Start holding your legs straight and parallel to your desk at the top of each extension. With practice, you can learn to hold them longer and longer between repetitions.

Over time, you can even start trying to lift your upper legs up off of your chair, too.

Standing Squats

Just because you are doing simple exercises at your desk does not mean that you cannot stand up. Add to your simple workouts by doing a few squats. Depending on what you are doing at your desk, you might even be able to do some squats while you are getting work done!

Stand up and place your feet about shoulder-width apart with your feet parallel. Then, perform a squat as low as you can comfortably go.

You can start by doing about 5-10 repetitions. With practice, you will be able to start going lower with your squats and doing more in a row.

Chair Lifts

To perform chair lifts, sit at the front edge of your seat. Then, put your hands on your armrests. Push down with your hands to lift your body up off of your chair.


Mobility Training at Your Desk

When many people think about exercise, they neglect mobility training. However, this is one of the most important kinds of training to do if you sit at a desk for many hours of the day.

Neck Rolls

Many people develop stiff necks at work. However, staying active will be easier if you counter this stiffness with some neck rolls.

Bend your neck to one side as far as it can comfortably go. Then, slowly roll your neck so that you get a good stretch in every direction.

Back Stretch

Lower back pain is becoming more and more common. On occasion, slide your chair away from your desk and bend forward to stretch out your back. As you do this, it can help to think about curling your whole back like a cat.

You can also combine this with standing up and stretching back. By alternating between stretching forward and back, you can help address stiffness and pain in the back.

Spinal Twist

While you are seated, you can perform spinal twists to stretch your back along another dimension. Twist your upper body to one side while you keep your lower body steady in your seat. Go back and forth and try to lengthen your stretch in both directions as you do so.

Wrist Stretches

To perform wrist stretches, hold your arms straight out in front of you with your palms facing toward the ceiling. Then, bend your fingers down so that they begin to point toward the floor.

If you cannot get your fingers perpendicular to the floor at first, don't worry. Go as far as you can without causing discomfort. With practice, you can develop greater mobility and keep your forearms in top condition.

Cardio Exercises at Your Desk

It can be a little bit harder to do cardio exercises at your desk. However, they are the best way to get the blood flowing throughout the body.

Jog in Place

Try standing at your desk and jogging in place until you begin to breathe a little heavier. If you want to add more cardio to your work routine, consider jogging for 30 to 60 seconds before you sit down in your chair each time.

Bounce Your Heels

While sitting, you can rest your feet on the floor and bounce your heels up and down while keeping your toes on the floor. This can help get the blood pumping up and down the whole length of your legs.

Improve Well-Being With Easy Exercises at Your Desk

When some people imagine getting some exercise at their desks, they find it difficult to come up with ideas. We hope that these easy exercises will make it simple for you to put together a healthy routine at work. You can also use these exercises as inspiration to come up with your own exercises.

To learn more about how you can develop your health and wellness at work, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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