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Business Tips For Coaches: How to Grow Your Client Base

31 Mar 2022

To become a successful coach you need to grow your client base. It demands time and effort and can't be done in a flash. But have some tips to help you find new clients.

A thriving coaching business requires a steady stream of new and existing clients. There's no magic bullet for success. A multifaceted approach is best.

In today's digital landscape, marketing your coaching services is easier than ever before. The goal is to show prospective clients how your services can enhance their lives.

If you're looking for ways to spread the word about your coaching business, we have some ideas.

Here are some top marketing tips for growing the client base for your coaching business.


Define Your Specialty

Narrowing your focus can help you find clients looking for a particular service. It may seem like a good idea to be a coach to anyone and everyone, but that can work against you.

Trying to be an expert in multiple areas can be overwhelming and may lead to burnout. When there are too many choices, clients may not see you as an expert in the service they're looking for. At Sport Session our coaches have a defined specialization highlighted in their profiles. So that they get the clients interested particularly in their field of work. Naturally, Sem Parma, who does hot yoga and meditation, will have different clients than Olly Severn, who does skiing classes.

Consider what you do best and what's popular in the fitness industry. Marketing your strengths helps you define your service, target new clients, and keep existing clients happy.

Build Brand Loyalty 

Building a loyal customer base is critical to long-term success. There's no better advertisement for your coaching business than satisfied clients. Give your very best to them, and your devotion won't go unnoticed.

In addition to offering excellent training, being passionate, friendly, and enthusiastic goes a long way. Go out of your way to deliver results for your clients, and they'll sing your praises.

You aren't a miracle worker, however. So be upfront and honest to help your clients set actionable goals. When clients know you care and have their best interests at heart, they'll come back for your services time and time again.

Fill In Your Profile

To be considered a serious and professional coach you need to be present on platforms, groups and forums together with other professional athletes. And not just to be present. You must fill in and work on your profile showing your professional knowledge and achievements. Tell your clients about yourself, your qualifications, your certificates, and awards. Make it personal and honest. Fill in the information yourself to show that you really care about your job. Appeal to your clients and invite them to your training sessions. 

One of the Sport Session coaches Flora Loder in her profile perfectly describes her yoga training session in the section "About the session" and explaines her attitude towards her clients. The description feels as if you have already done the training. Such attention to details helps you to win your clients.

Besides, you can use your profile on a sporting platform to attract new clients via discounts and different special offers. Consider offering a free session for first-time guests. Provide existing customers with an incentive such as a discount or free service for bringing in new clients. On your Sport Session profile, you can offer free trial sessions or choose among several types of discounts for a pack of 5 or 10 sessions for first-time guests as does Andrew Reay on his profile.


Make It Social

Social media is a fantastic marketing source for coaches. If you want to market your business, do it in a professional way.

Posting pictures of a fit physique once in a while is not enough to attract new clients. They must see a reason to spend their hard-earned money on your services. Your content should provide value to your followers. Consider offering fitness or nutritional tips, relevant pictures with captions, or an instructional video. 

Your accounts on socials can be a perfect advertising platform, where you can promote your profile on Sport Session. Chriss Moss, a Sport Session golf coach, uses his Facebook account to advertise his coaching services. He includes the link to his profile on Sport Session, where his followers can find info about his programm. On Instagram or Facebook people want to know your personality. But you'd better back it up with a profile on a professional platform.

At Sport Session coaches can write articles for our blog with useful tips for the clients, whilst promoting their own services. A carefully and thoughtfully written article is a simple and effective way to prove your professionalism.

Stick to what you know and believe in. You want people to see you as an authority in the fitness industry.

Tell your story and keep it real. Remember to post regularly to increase your followers over time. If you wish you publish your article on our blog, please contact

Narrow Your Social Media Focus

Trying to advertise on multiple social media platforms is overwhelming. Instead of flooding Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter all at once, choose one or two platforms.

It's fine to use them all, just not at the same time. Narrowing your focus will help you grow an audience that needs your services and trusts in your expertise. Find the platforms your clients are using. Start there and begin building an online community.

Use Video

Many people won't take the time to read an email or a blog post, but they will watch a video. Use this to your advantage as a sports coach.

Offer a video of you teaching or working with a client on your website or social media. Posting a useful video with a link to your profile on your socials puts your business in the spotlight and can help you reach more potential clients.

Video is a great way to introduce yourself and describe what you have to offer. You can upload instructional or exercise videos to Youtube. You want people to start tuning in and remembering your brand and the value it brings. Here at Sport Session our team can help you create a high-quality video of your training session to upgrade your profile. Sometimes one video can become a calling card for a coach so do not miss such an opportunity. If you want to add a beautiful video to your social media, please, contact our social media manager [email protected].


Grow Your Coaching Business

Growing a wide client base is critical for a sports coach. The key elements of your marketing strategy should include an impressive profile, relative content, strong social medial accounts and personal involvement in your job.

If you're planning to become a coach or are just starting out, marketing your services is critical for a steady flow of clients and long-term success.

If you're interested in becoming a sports coach on a global platform, we invite you to see what Sport Session has to offer. Contact us today or book a 15 min consultation here to learn more.

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