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Best London Parks Where You Can Train in the Summer

19 Aug 2022

What better place for summer fitness training than one of London's many beautiful parks? Here's a list of the best London parks for fitness classes.

What part of London summer are you most excited about? One bonus is you can break a sweat in one of the many London parks without carrying a coat along for your exercise regime. 

During winter months, around two-thirds of UK residents struggle to complete any physical activity, with adverse weather being one of the main reasons. But with summer in full swing, it is time to enjoy outdoor exercise once more and get back on track with your exercise regime. 

One of London's perks is the many parks to enjoy a training session. But with over 3,000 to choose from, what are the best parks in London for personal training? Sport Session knows best.

Kennington Park

Kennington Park

If you want a coaching class with a variety of fitness equipment, Kennington Park is a great option. This South West London park has fitness equipment to use, such as pull-up bars and ab-benches. It is perfect for those who want to focus their training session on callisthenics. 

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Health

Hampstead Heath is one of London's most popular parks for a good reason. The rolling hills and skyline views are not just perfect for picnics. It is also the ideal spot for a coaching session or fitness class. There are over 320 hectares, with many hills and areas for bodyweight exercises. 

You can also enjoy the Hampstead Heath pools as part of your exercise routine or post-workout break. There are also plenty of spots to refuel after your session. 

Primrose Hill 

Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill is conveniently located by Camden Town but gives you an immediate escape from the city. Get some fresh air and enjoy a variety of classes in this park. It also has a steep incline to the viewpoint, which makes it great for hill sprints or as part of a HIIT workout, with a great reward of the London skyline at the end. 

Clapham Common 

Clapham Common

Clapham Common comes to life with people during the summer months, and many use it as a workout space. You will see many different classes happening here, and its vast area makes it an excellent spot to arrange a personal training session. Pick a type of training session that works for you, including HIIT sessions or yoga.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is one of London's biggest parks at around 2500 acres in size, so you do not need to worry about not having space to work out. Richmond Park is most famous for the deer who roam freely around it, but it also has many trails to discover.

If you enjoy running or walking as part of your fitness workout, consider Richmond Park. You will not get bored with the many pathways to explore. Richmond Park is also a well-known place for hill sprints, which offer many benefits, including boosting your stamina and improving your running form. 

Holland Park

Holland Park

If you live or work in Kensington or another part of central London, then Holland Park is one of the best parks in London for personal training. Within minutes you will escape London's hustle and bustle, with many acres of woodland and wildflowers to enjoy. Let the peace of this park ground you and help you focus on your workout, with plenty of shade to cool down between sets. 

There are also netball, tennis, football, and other sports facilities. Or use one of the trails and green spaces for your workout regime.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is another popular Central London park, making it convenient to access on your lunch break, before, or after work. You can also combine it with other parks nearby, such as Green Park and St. James Park, if you want to create a longer running route or mix up your workout routine between parks.

Cycle or run around this picturesque park. You can enjoy the exercise equipment, such as the senior playground, which includes some exercise equipment to target your core, balance, and flexibility. Anyone over the age of 15 can use this park, but it is targeted at older people, which makes it perfect for those wanting to improve their fitness later in life.

Wandsworth Common

Wandsworth Common

Wandsworth Common is another South West London park with strength training gear such as parallel bars and a monkey ladder. There is also a circular trim trail with obstacles and exercise stations around the park. If you like your personal training to involve cardio and strength training, then this park provides all the equipment you need to get started. 

Battersea Park

Battersea Park

Battersea Park offers potential for various workouts, with views over the Thames to keep you company. A kilometre-long promenade runs alongside the Thames, or you could try a circuit coaching session around the Peace Pagoda. The park also has options for hill sprints or bringing your gear along to make the most of London's sunny days.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of East London's larger parks near Hackney. Enjoy the backdrop of the canal that runs alongside the park and make use of the many benches to incorporate into your workout. There are many tarmac paths to utilise for exercises, and when you are finished, you can enjoy some time watching the boats on the canal or lake. 

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace is the London park to choose if you want to work out alongside dinosaurs. It has become a centre for learning, well-being, and training, with a sports centre on-site. Enjoy a personal training session outside in the picturesque park full of different surprises, then use the sports facilities, such as one of the swimming pools.

Training in London Parks this summer

Get outside and discover some of the best London parks this summer. The majority of London parks are hosts to fitness classes, so you can find a location and class that suits your needs. 

Found your favourite park? Which sport would you like to try? Find more than 50 sports and over 1300 sports coaches to train with you at Sport Session. 

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