Beat The Winter Blues: 10 Exceptional Sports To Try In Cold Weather

12 Oct 2021

“The best way to stay healthy and warm during winter is to play some sports.”

With the end of Daylight Saving Time 2021 soon approaching, winter is around the corner. No day is too cold when you are getting into sports and living an active lifestyle! Here is a list of exciting and fun winter sports you should not miss this season.


Ice skating is probably one of the most accessible winter sports. There are many fascinating ice skating rinks in the UK. In London, we have venues from Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and Skylight Rooftop Ice Rink to Alexandra Palace Ice Rink, both indoor and outdoor. No matter you want to impress your friends or develop your skills as a beginner, MySport Session coaches are here to teach you everything about ice skating to elevate your experience.

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Did you know that you can experience the fun of curling like Olympic athletes? Curling may seem to be an unusual activity, but when you understand what it is all about, it is going to be addictive. Invented in Scotland over 500 years ago, curling is a team sport in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice toward a target. It is actually more physical, strategic and enjoyable than you can imagine!


Fishing in winter can be challenging. You have to make sure you get the location, time, equipment and bait right for a successful fishing journey. And here is another way to take fishing to the next level: ice fishing. Drill a hole on a frozen lake in Scandinavia or North America, and you get to embrace the winter sport of ice fishing and enjoy the party vibe!


It might be tempting to stay at home in the colder months, but we promise you will not regret getting outdoors to cycle. There is nothing like riding on a sunny day and enjoying the bright sun. With fewer people cycling on the road, you are more likely to have the trails and sceneries to yourself. So do not let the frosty mornings stop you from working out. And do not forget to grab a hot drink afterwards!

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How can we talk about winter sports without mentioning skiing? As an awesome adrenaline-rush activity to keep your life dynamic, skiing is among the most popular winter sports in the world. For those who do not have the time to travel abroad, there are dry and indoor slopes across the UK, so that you can enjoy skiing all year round. To make the most of it, our experienced coaches will teach and inspire you to become a better skier. 

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Climbing is an all-season activity. It may become more complicated in cold weather, but you will enjoy it to the fullest when you are properly prepared for the weather and climbing conditions. Looking to experience the thrill of winter rock climbing? Take on the challenge with MySport Session’s professional climbing instructors, they have got you covered and will help you see the world from a brand new perspective.

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If you think it is too cold for winter swimming, maybe you should experience open-water swimming yourself! Swimming in winter brings loads of health benefits, it increases your metabolism, boosts the immune system, and gets your body in shape to name a few. The best thing about it is that you will achieve serenity and find your inner peace. Trust us, it is a wonderful way to relieve stress.

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There is no better feeling than snowboarding down a mountain at high speed. It is one of those adventurous sports that make winter incredibly fun, especially when you can always challenge yourself to try new tricks. What is more, snowboarding resorts are usually set in the mountains with pristine snow and a peaceful ambience. This is a thrilling and rewarding getaway that you surely cannot miss!

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Today winter sports are no longer just about skiing and snowboarding, there is so much more to try. Ice hockey, for example, is one of the original Winter Olympic sports and is exceptionally enjoyable with a group of friends. It is a fast and furious game that requires great strength, agility and endurance.


If you want to get active but still prefer staying indoors, look to yoga. Yoga is a body-mind discipline focusing on balance and stability. It has a focus of spiritual connection, with a purpose of bringing peace to the mind and soul. We know it is not officially a winter sport, but it is a great alternative to outdoor activities. And it keeps your body warm while helping you lose weight!

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Current studies show that your body burns more calories when you exercise in cold weather. For those who look to improve their performance in sports, a tailor-made diet plan is crucial for achieving your goals and aspirations.

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Stay tuned for more new sports and new coaches.

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