5 reasons to hire a football coach

2 Sep 2021

"Football is widely recognised as the world’s most popular sport. Instead of watching ‘Learning football in five minutes’ on YouTube and practising it all by yourself, you should start considering having a football coach to guide you through your football journey."

Here are the five key benefits you should know.

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport, with more than four billion fans all over the world. Why should you get yourself a football coach? Why not practice passing and shooting alone at home? Keep reading, and we will talk you through the benefits only a private football instructor can bring.

Venues and equipment

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a football coach is the venues and equipment they offer. Whether it is a football field of a sports club or an indoor pitch of a football academy, an experienced football coach will take care of the venue, let you stay on the pitch to practice your football techniques and get used to the playing environment. Even if they do not provide a venue, they always know where to coach you, like a public park, or the backyard of their home! They will also prepare all the equipment you need, such as footballs of course, and cones, poles, goal nets, ladders and hurdles. You can literally just show up on time and get all the training you want without hassle!


No matter you have 1-on-1 or group sessions, your football coach is going to give you intensive training. A well-rounded routine comprises basic fitness training like running, jumping and catching, as well as technical training like passing, tackling, shooting and dribbling. If you learn football purely online without professional coaching, you might not be able to develop and improve skills such as ball control and footwork properly. Poor posture may lead to injuries, coaches come in this way to make sure you practice correctly.

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Team building

In addition to teaching you basic football skills and techniques, football coaches' job also includes building trust and teamwork within a team. It is no secret that football is a team sport, and it is very important for coaches to clearly communicate their instructions to players, give constructive feedback and recognise their performance as a team. A good coach can transform a group into a team. Team success is the top priority. 

Mentoring and support

What makes football coaches different from players is their insight. They help you set your goals and establish training plans, get to know your strengths and weaknesses, help you make progress and achieve your goals, just like personal trainers. Coaches have different styles and pace, but they all motivate inspire you and build your confidence through football training. Great coaches not only hold you accountable, but they are also like your role model and give you advice in various aspects. They are here to support you mentally, especially when you are having a football match soon. You can ask any question while enjoying the sport.

Player development

Football coaches usually have great connections with sports clubs and football schools. When they see your potential, they might help you open new career and opportunities, making an impact in your life.

TLDR; Benefits of having a football coach

  • No need to book a venue or buy your own equipment
  • Staying focused on practising football techniques
  • Building trust within a team
  • Preparing mentally for a football match
  • Developing your career as a pro player

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