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5 outdoor sports you should try this summer

14 May 2021

Summer is at its peak. It is high time to enjoy the sun and pick up some new sports. Are you ready to train outside? Here are our top 5 outdoor sports, perfect for summer weather.

Spring has sprung, and summer is well and truly in the air. Alongside the universally loved season comes a surge in the human need to spend more time outdoors, enjoying the warmer weather and basking in the sunshine. 

In this blog post, we explore five sports we recommend for this summer and observe their basic health benefits.


The physical benefits of involvement in the summer tennis season are unparalleled. Studies show playing tennis three times a week for 30 minutes at a time has a positive impact on your overall cardiovascular health and muscular tones. This is especially true if you have been suffering from a low mood or an overactive thyroid for any length of time. 

Our recommended tennis coach - Oliver Claridge

Specialises in - Tennis serving, tennis drills, tennis lessons for kids.



Dedicated to the promotion of positive living, the ancient practice of yoga has gained popularity around the world. Yoga brings about inner peace, clarity of mind and helps individuals regain balance and harmony within themselves. Health benefits include improved strength, balance, and flexibility. Additionally, it also helps you sleep better which links to boosted energy levels and better moods.

Visiting your local park you will often see people practicing yoga in public. Get involved by taking an outdoor class with an experienced teacher!

Our recommended yoga instructor - Sem Parma

Specialises in - Yoga for beginners, vinyasa yoga, outdoor yoga.


You might be wondering, ‘what is boxing doing on the list?’ In fact, outdoor boxing is becoming a more popular activity in the fitness industry and is often seen as a safe way for individuals to explore and develop their proficiency. The focus lies in core strength training and developing cardiovascular endurance, whilst also incorporating the cardio benefits of weight training and mixed martial arts.

Outdoor boxing classes are great for stress relief, and you may find that taking up this hobby will change your life for the better.

Our recommended boxing coach - Georges Ngay-Katalay

Specialises in - Kickboxing, boxing workouts, boxing for beginners.


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. With 300 million fans worldwide, it attracts both men and women because of its fast-paced action and physicality.

Football also has vast benefits for your body and mind. It is an excellent fitness activity that helps you burn fat and lose weight while improving your coordination, reaction speed, and balance. Furthermore,  a study by the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that individuals who played football for 10 minutes a day had a 30% reduced risk of cognitive decline in a 30-year period. This was compared to those who played less than 10 minutes a day.

Elevate your health and fitness with a 1to1 session this summer or introduce your team to an experienced football coach.

Our recommended football coach - Callum Dolan

Specialises in - Football drills, football for beginners, football warm-up exercises.


There is no better way to gain fitness and burn fat in the summer than to run. The warm temperatures help the blood return to the heart faster. This prevents muscle cramps and other forms of exercise-induced pain, resulting in fewer spasms during workouts.

When you run, your body releases more dopamine and endorphins than when you do any form of exercise. Dopamine increases your energy levels; endorphins create feelings of fulfillment and well-being. Many individuals struggle with their breathing technique and reaching longer distances and that’s where an experienced coach comes in.

Our recommended running coachJack Lawrence

Specialises in - Long-distance running, strength and conditioning exercises, athletics for beginners.

Try new sports this summer

Summer offers many possibilities for sports lovers. Don't spend it at home. Pick up a coach and explore new sporting activities in the fresh air under the bright summer sun.

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