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5 Benefits for Practicing Yoga Online at Home

31 Mar 2022

Somerton yoga coach Olga Oakenfold explains why practising yoga online can also be fun.

Expertise shared by Sport Session yoga coach Olga Oakenfold

Want to stretch your muscles, become stronger and more flexible? Then yoga is a perfect sport for you. No need to lift heavy weights in the gym or soak in the rain outside. You can do yoga at any time of the year. Moreover, no need even to go out of your house. Now you can do yoga online!

Yoga is famous for bringing enormous health benefits to your body: from lowering blood pressure and increasing muscles tone to reducing insomnia and balancing your metabolism. Not to mention a lot of mental benefits like managing stress, relaxation, sharpened concentration and a positive outlook on life.

Here at Sport Session you can find yourself a personal coach to do yoga in the comfort of your house. Olga Oakenfold, our yoga coach shares the benefits of practising yoga at home.


1. Save time

No need to travel, find a parking place, or change into your yoga leggings.

Practice yoga with a professional yoga teacher in the comfort and safety of your own home. You can even stay in your pyjamas with your cup of tea or coffee and do yoga with me!

Share your practice with your family whilst enjoying the company of your pets – my dog, Lulu, loves relaxation time.

2. Practice yoga at any time in your schedule

No need to worry about getting the children ready for a babysitter. No need to stress out about getting to a class on time. Practice in a garden or in your office during a break, or when your children are asleep.

I used to do online yoga at 8 pm when my little children were in bed. Now I do it with my children at the weekend. So, it is whatever works for you! It made me proud when my teenage daughter, Emma, used my yoga videos during the lockdown instead of PE classes because that was the time she wanted to do it.


3. Get better results and have fun

Get more benefits from your practice as you can choose what suits your body. Because only you know, what your body needs. You can work your way from starting with my beginner classes, progressing up to my advanced classes to challenge yourself.

There is a variety of yoga classes: yoga for beginners, advanced classes, gentle classes, short yoga workouts, breathing sessions, relaxation & meditation. In addition to these, why not follow the One Week Yoga Course for a Strong Back or the Seven Day Chakra Journey?

4. Save money

You can definitely save more with online classes compared to paying for a gym membership.

Without having to rent a studio or a gym for the classes coaches can ask lower prices for you to pay. Add to that reduced spending on petrol or public transport and no need to buy new fancy leggings to impress everyone in your training group. And here you are – sheer economy!


5. Stay safe

No need to worry about wearing a mask or using a hand sanitiser.  We live in a difficult world: for a training session we need to book a place at the gym or the studio (time and money) and sometimes places are very limited. Plus, there is the stress of thinking ‘Have I touched something I shouldn’t touch?’, ‘Do I have enough social distancing?’ and so on. However, at home, you are in your own comfortable and safe space. This is when the saying “My home is my castle” gains a new meaning.


Feeling like you need to stretch up a bit? Sign up for online training with Olga Oakenfold or choose a personal trainer at Sport Session Sporting Club. Start your journey towards a fit and healthy body today!

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