Engaging businesses with sports and wellness seamlessly.

Your own coach, your own corporate wellness journey. Our solution brings your workforce together to enjoy popular activities such as yoga, Pilates, and HIIT, both in person and online.

By combining human coaching with technology, this unrivalled experience enables your team to improve health, culture and productivity like never before. Forget gym memberships.

Corporate wellness is better together.

How it works

Choose your programme and join your team portal

Connect with an experienceed instructor

Enjoy your in person or online sessions

Reap the benefits of being active in the workplace

What we deliver

Healthier workforce

We have a vast network of engaged coaches ready to improve your company's physical and mental health, through in person and online team sessions.

Stronger culture

Yoga, Pilates, golf, HIIT and much more. We transform workplace culture by uniting employees to enjoy popular activities.

Higher productivity

Our technology elevates productivity by enabling a seamless coaching experience with unrivalled features included with our programmes.

All programmes include

Our most popular activities

Personal Training



"SPORTSESSION is fun, affordable and transformative. We found that gym memberships and mental health apps have been unsuccessful in creating the impact we need in the workplace. Rather than individual endeavours, our team have been able to learn yoga together through an amazing coach on a weekly basis with the programme fitting conveniently into our schedule. All you need is a mat and is perfect both in the office and online. Can't recommend this platform enough if you want to make a real difference for your employees wellbeing and culture!"

- Molly Morley, Head of HR. Armstrong International.

Molly Morley's testimonial

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Armstrong International

Sam White's testimonial

"The range of sports and number of coaches offered is unrivalled, and I look forward to booking many more sessions in the future."

- Sam White

Hugo Clark's testimonial

"I love having SPORTSESSION as a benefit. We get the team together on Fridays for yoga and it makes everyone feel great. Definitely recommend!"

- Hugo Clark

Naseem Asghar's testimonial

"Searching by location, type of sport, and which trainer helped us find the coach our team needs. Thank you SPORTSESSION."

- Naseem Asghar

Ben Ashkenazi's testimonial

"SPORTSESSION.COM allowed me to find the right coach for me and made the booking process very easy."

- Ben Ashkenazi

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